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Dell Monitors.

Performance. Productivity. Innovation. Award-winning Dell monitors.

The innovative, award-winning monitors from Dell are designed for your needs and budget. Featuring the industry’s most advanced technologies, they help you create a highly productive environment with trusted Dell reliability.


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Dell’s range of innovative high-performance monitors deliver power users a first class view of their work.


From the world’s first 5K monitor and its incredible clarity of detail, to the Ultra HD 4K monitors and their award-winning design and impressive user experience of the curved Dell UltraSharp 86.4 cm (34.0") monitors, you're getting Dell’s advanced technology as well as a multitude of solutions that creative professionals need to work their best.



Unleash your creativity with impressive image quality – Dell Ultra HD monitors.

Incredibly realistic, detail-rich image quality—Dell Ultra HD monitors offer a phenomenal visual experience. With fantastic Ultra HD 4K resolution, your work can finally come into its own. The image quality of the world’s first Ultra HD 5K monitor and its 14 million pixels—that’s four times the amount as QHD—will take your breath away.




Unbeatable performance.

Enjoy optimum viewing comfort for work, videos, films and gaming with the generously proportioned, curved, Dell UltraSharp 86.4 cm (34.0") monitor. With its extra-large screen diagonal and 21:9 ratio, it offers an impressive panoramic view for efficient working.


Today’s Dell monitors are designed to boost productivity, embodied in their expansive work area, optimal user comfort, high screen resolution and unsurpassed reliability. Just some of the reasons to replace your current monitor with a Dell model, to let you focus on your work and boost your productivity.


Enhanced ease of use – flexible display options.

Your monitor can be adjusted to meet your requirements for optimum user-friendliness and top productivity. Position the monitor at eye level, tilt up, down or by 90 degrees for multiple viewers and to better read portrait documents and images. The comprehensive configuration setting of Dell’s Professional and UltraSharp monitors ensure the monitor is always at the right angle.


Strong performance and flexible connectivity.

Want to view content from other devices on your monitor? Then just connect them up and you’re good to go. The Dell UltraSharp monitors and other select Dell monitors have a wide range of connection options for a multitude of devices. The USB port lets you connect cameras, handheld devices, DVD players and recorders, while the HDMI port (MHL port, select Dell monitors) is suitable for displaying smartphone and tablet PC content on a larger screen. The optimised DisplayPort interface offers a high-performance connection and top quality transfer between monitor and computer, setting a new precedent for monitor connections (select models support DisplayPort 1.2 for multi-stream transport for daisy-chaining).


Trusted reliability.

Dell monitors live up to the quality, reliability and service you’ve come to expect from Dell and have proven themselves in extensive tests.



Dell monitors have passed exhaustive tests examining performance, reliability, longevity and Dell system compatibility. In our HALT (highly accelerated life test) test, Dell technicians subjected monitors to extreme conditions of heat, cold, vibration, and shock, to check that the products will later be able to function perfectly in all working situations.

Premium Panel Service.

For Dell UltraSharp monitors, and other select Dell monitors, we offer Premium Panel Service, reinforcing our uncompromising commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.


If you find even one bright pixel, a free monitor exchange is guaranteed during the warranty period. A hard copy of the limited hardware service can be requested from the following address: Dell Products, Dell House, The Boulevard, Cain Road, Bracknell, Berkshire, RG12 1LF, UK. You can find out more on the following webpage: 





Award winning.

Don’t just take our word for it. See what others think of Dell monitors.


The various awards and positive reviews from leading computer magazines and IT online portals around the globe and users all over the world are a testament to the quality, performance, and ease of use of Dell monitors.


Read about a selection of current award-winning products here.


Environmental responsibility.

By purchasing a Dell monitor, you are doing a good deed for the environment. From energy saving features and less harmful material to environmental certifications, every step to an eco-friendlier future counts.

Green matters.

With Dell monitors, you reduce your power consumption, improve your energy efficiency and lessen your impact on the environment. Select Dell monitors are made from 100% environmentally friendly materials, with arsenic and mercury-free LEDs that themselves contain more than 25% recycled materials. Several models also feature innovative energy saving features such as PowerNap and Dynamic Dimming, which, when activated, can be used to reduce monitor brightness or put the monitor to sleep, depending on settings. Many Dell monitors comply with environmental standards, including ENERGY STAR®, EPEAT and TCO certified displays.