Dell Latitude Produktfamilie

Dell Latitude family.

From zero to peak productivity


Whether you are looking for a productive business notebook, high-quality Ultrabook or powerful workstation, Dell’s wide product portfolio is sure to have what you need. Find the best device for each employee and working situation. Meet your employees’ increased demands and, at the same time, lay the foundation for modern workplaces. 

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Dell has over 25 years’ experience in providing customer-oriented innovations for desktop PCs through continuous adjustments to suit each working environment. The new OptiPlex range is characterised by high security standards and enhanced management functions for seamless updates. What’s more, the devices have been modernised and designed to be faster and more energy efficient. This applies to all form factors such as the Micro-PC, Small Form Factor, Mini Tower and the All-in-One PCs. With this in mind, Dell has developed the new OptiPlex PCs, which offer significant improvements over previous generations. These include:

  • 8th generation Intel® Core™ processors breathe life into your working day as never before.
  • More power than ever with the fastest and most efficient DDR4 memory available with 2,666 MHz and up to 32 GB capacity.
  • With the new 802.11ac Wave 2 Wi-Fi, you get a high-quality wireless solution that stays in touch with your router even over a long distance.
  • Made from high-quality materials and recycled plastics, the OptiPlex is an environmentally friendly model.


Full speed productivity.

Dell Latitude helps you work faster. Log in with the fingerprint reader on the power button and Dell ExpressSign-in, a proximity sensor that wakes your device when you’re near and locks it when you’re away. ExpressConnect links to the best Wi-Fi for less lag. And stay productive longer with industry-leading battery life and ExpressCharge, which can recharge battery life to 80% in one hour.


Smaller, smarter designs.

Latitude notebooks have been impressively redesigned to turn heads. Made with premium finishes like recycled carbon fibre and all new aluminium,  you get both reimagined design and durability in a lighter frame. And, with large, vivid displays and thin borders, you can still be productive in a smaller footprint.


Intelligent Unified Management.

Dell provides flexible, simplified and secure solutions to support deployment and management of any IT environment. With the integration between Dell Client Command Suite and VMware Workspace ONE, you can manage firmware, OS and applications from one console. Plus, Dell Trusted Devices have embedded and optional security solutions and services to keep your business protected and competitive.


Latitude 9000 Series.

These notebooks come with Dell Optimizer – the only integrated AI solution that learns and adapts to the way you work. Dell Optimizer uses built-in AI and Intel® Adaptix™ Technology to learn how you typically use your favourite applications, continuously improving and applying settings – quietly, in the background – so you get the most nimble performance possible.


Performance meets style.

Latitude 7000 Series.

With the newly designed Latitude 7000 Series and its premium features, you can work even more efficiently. The fastest and smallest Ultrabooks and 2-and-1s are packed with premium features that allow you to stay productive from nearly anywhere.


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Latitude 5000 Series.

Stay productive with the scalable, powerful Latitude 5000 Series. Now smaller and lighter than ever. With a variety of storage, memory, battery and processor options to fit your needs.


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Latitude 3000 Series.

Take productivity to the next level with the sleeker, smaller Latitude 3000 Series. Benefit from numerous components such as the battery, WWAN/WLAN, RAM and mass storage, which can be maintained by the user.


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Latitude Rugged Series.

These durable notebooks and tablets are purpose-built to withstand the harshest environments while maintaining the highest level of security, performance and manageability.


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Latitude Rugged Series.

These durable notebooks and tablets are purpose-built to withstand the harshest environments while maintaining the highest level of security, performance and manageability.


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Latitude Education Series.

With highly durable PCs Dell is committed to transforming education worldwide. The Latitude Education Series is designed to be extremely robust and delivers world-class durability. You get an affordable solution for independent learning that can survive even the toughest school day. 


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