Dell Latitude 3300 Education

Dell Latitude 3000 Education series notebooks.

Dell Latitude 3300 Education.

Made to last beyond the bell.

With best-in-class durability and long battery life, the 33.8 cm (13.3") notebooks stand up to the school day, so that students have the confidence to go wherever learning takes them.

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Durable and easy-to-manage.

Drop-resistant and water repellent: The Latitude 3300 features a sealed, spill-resistant keyboard that can withstand up to 355 ml of spills. And the rubberised underside means that the notebook can even survive a drop from some 75 cm onto steel.

The ease of just a single cable: The USB-C port can be used to transfer power, data, video and audio. (not available for the Celeron processor).


Easy to service and repair:

Captive screws and a top-mounted keyboard make for easy repairs with minimal downtime, and some ports can be replaced independent of the motherboard.

First-class service and support.

ProSupport Plus: They’ll answer anytime you call. Dell ProSupport gives you 24x7 access to experts that can provide step-by-step troubleshooting or tech-to-tech support.

ProDeploy Plus: This comprehensive service provides seamless deployment of new technology. You get a single point of contact for project management including up-front planning, configuration, data migration and knowledge transfer.

Professional Learning Services: We partner with administrators and teachers to develop outcome-based programs that enhance teaching, leading and learning practices. Our goal is to empower educators to make the most of Dell learning devices in the classroom.


Durable touch screen:  The optional touch screen is extremely lightweight yet still sturdy.

Ports and slots.

  • 1. Headphone/microphone combo jack
  • 2. Micro SD card reader
  • 3. USB 3.1
  • 4. Noble (wedge-shaped) lock slot
  • 5. Power
  • 6. USB-C
  • 7. RJ45 port
  • 8. HDMI
  • 9. USB 3.1

Dimensions and weight

  • 1. Height: 22.3 mm (0.88")
  • 2. Width: 329.6 mm (12.98")
  • 3. Depth: 230.5 mm (9.07")
  • 4. Starting at weight: 1.56 kg (3.45 lb)


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