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Dell Precision systems: a completely new concept.

Dell Precision Workstations.

Dell Precision Workstations boast more power and performance.

  • Dell combines premium design and innovation with high-performing graphics, processors, and memory to deliver an impressive solution for users who demand high-performance. 
  • The new mobile Dell Precision™ Workstations feature a slim design, while the equally new Dell Precision Tower Workstations have been designed to meet the needs of customers who require peak performance at an affordable price 


Dell has made significant updates to its mobile Precision and Tower workstations. The mobile Workstations have been completely re-designed from the inside out and now impress with their sleek design, vibrant designs, up-to-date graphics and processor technologies as well as their fast RAM and hard-disk space. The workstations are ISV-certified for professional software applications and thus enable smooth work with high-performance systems. A complete list of our ISV certifications can be found here.


The product portfolio is characterised by a significant increase in performance. This is due to the seventh generation of Intel™ Core™ processors, the first Intel Xeon™ processors for mobile workstations and future Intel Xeon processors of the E3-1500™ product families. The latest graphics cards from AMD™ and NVIDIA™ offer outstanding computing power and industry-leading visual performance, In addition, there are attractive screen options such as the first PremierColor™ 4K-UHD displays with a 100 percent Adobe RGB colour space. FHD and UHD options with a InfinityEdge™ display and an extremely thin bezel provide a 39.6 cm (15.6") field of view in a 35.6 cm (14.0") chassis. The current generation of products have thin, light yet durables chassis made of aluminium and carbon fibre and impress with their performance and stylish design.


Dell Precision Workstations are certified for a large number of applications. The hardware components are perfectly matched to one another. They can be individually adapted to specific application scenarios and are equipped with comprehensive service offerings to minimise downtime. Precision Workstations come with Dell Precision Optimizer™ installed as standard, which is a software tool for optimising system settings that now includes an interface to the Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM). The Dell Precision Optimizer maximises performance across a wide range of applications, including Adobe and Autodesk. The Dell Precision Optimizer automatically adapts system configuration parameters for critical applications, increasing application performance by up to 121%. And with SCCM support, you can now benefit from centralised management and deployment. Precision Workstations have supported the latest Thunderbolt 3™ USB technology since early 2016, and now also the new M.2 PCIe-NVMe™ storage options for maximum throughput on large files. 


The optional Dell ProSupport Plus™ service for PCs and tablet PCs gives users prioritised access to hardware and software experts, a very fast repair service and the ability to proactively monitor and automate fault detection.

Future-ready virtual reality (VR).

In the future, content created in virtual 3D environments will play an increasingly important role in creativity and design, and creative professionals and designers will no longer be tied to the screen, mouse and keyboard at work. Dell works with our partners for professional applications and VR peripherals to develop VR workstation configurations specifically designed for commercial environments.

Why choose a Workstation?

Take a look at our new TechPageOne, which is specifically designed for different user scenarios that are predestined for workstations: Digital photography, video editing, web designing and 3D artistry. There are articles, videos, case studies and much more for each of these four activities. Use this information to help you make the right decision.

Our mobile workstations.

The new mobile Dell Precision Workstations 7510™ and 7710™ are designed for the most demanding of user scenarios and deliver extremely high performance with fast Intel Core und Xeon processors, up to 64 GB RAM and AMD or NVIDIA graphics cards. Both models are equipped with SSDs that are 3x faster when compared to previous generations. The Dell Precision 5510™ is the lightest and smallest Dell Workstation and is also the first 39.6 cm (15.6") workstation with an InfinityEdge display. The Dell Precision Workstation 3510 is also noticeably thinner and lighter than its predecessor and offers impressive performance at an affordable price. 


Mobile Workstations.
 3000 Series5000 Series7000 Series

Available products

Precision 15 3000 Series (3520)

Precision 15 5000 Series (5520)

Precision 15 7000 Series (7520)

Precision 17 7000 Series (7720)


Power options

Professional graphics power

Overclocked RAM

SSD mass storage

Screen resolution and colours




 Not available




Tower, rack & AiO.
 3000 Series5000 Series7000 Series

Available Producs

Precision Tower 3000 Series (3420, 3620)

Precision Tower 5000 Series (5810)

Precision Tower 7000 Series (7810, 7910)

Precision Rack 7000 Series (7910)


Single processors

Dual prozessors

Liquid cooling

Power options

Storage capacities

Professional graphics power


 Not available





Dell Precision 5720 AIO.



Dell Canvas.


Bring your ideas to life.

The new and intuitive Dell Canvas is a revolutionary tool for ground-breaking creativity. Combine traditional content creation with digital interaction on this generous 27" QHD display.