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Dell Precision 7920 Rack.

Create remotely without worry.

The new Precision 7920 Rack delivers the highest level of secure remote access with ultimate workstation performance.


Work unimpeded.

By placing your 2U Rack workstation in a secure, but 100% network accessible central environment, your data/IP never leaves the host workstation. And with 24-hour access, multiple users (1:1) can work the same project at different times without the potential security risks associated with physically transferring data between sites.

The power to keep up with your ideas.

Incredible power for innovative minds.

New Intel® Xeon® processor Scalable family powers even the most arduous of tasks. Engineered with the latest dual socket performance with up to 28 cores per processor.


Masters every project.

With up to 1.5 TB of new faster 2666 MHz RDIMM expandable memory, you can accelerate your workflow without any slowdown. Featuring up to 3 TB of total memory (when available) with select CPUs (requires dual processors).


No project is too big.

8x 3.5" SATA or 2.5" Enterprise class SAS hard drives (up to 15K rpm) enable increased storage performance with the optional Intel CAS-W cache acceleration solution for workstations.


Benefit from high performance.

As adaptable as you are.

There is no limit to your potential with this workstation. Your Precision Workstation is ready for complex projects, including virtual reality workflows, with the next generation AMD Radeon Pro™ and highest-performing NVIDIA Quadro® graphics.


Fascinating image replication.

Your 2U Rack supports up to 900 W of graphics power and future graphics up to 3 double width graphics cards up to 300 W each.


Optimum performance.

Free with your Precision workstation, the Dell Precision Optimizer takes the guesswork out of customizing settings and automatically tunes your workstation to run the most popular Independent Software Vendor (ISV) applications at the fastest speeds possible. Featuring centralised management with Microsoft SCCM and KACE, simplified systems management to improve system reliability, detailed analytics and smart notifications to proactively address resource bottlenecks, certified graphics drivers downloads and Radeon ProRender ray-tracing plug-ins to render stunningly photorealistic images—all in in elegant, new user interface.


Reliability where it matters most. Seamless security.

Reduce downtime with Dell Reliable Memory Technology (RMT) Pro. Designed to work with ECC memory, RMT protects your machine from potential crashes by mapping out bad memory locations after the system reboots.


Reliably access your data.

Improve the availability of your data with hardware and software optional RAID storage options including M.2 PCIe NVMe SSDs.


Reliability for professional users.

Precision Workstations are tested to ensure the high-performance applications you rely on every day run smoothly. Dell ISV-certifications cover the most popular independent software applications.


Ports and slots.

1. System Status Indicator | 2. Hard drive (x8) | 3. USB 3.0 connector | 4. Optical drive (optional) | 5. Information tag | 6. USB management port/IDRAC Direct | 7. USB 2.0 connector (x2) | 8. Power button/Power light | 9. VGA connector | 10. System identification button | 11. System identification connector | 12. IDRAC9 Enterprise Network connector | 13. Serial connector | 14. PCIe expansion card slots (x8) | 15. VGA connector | 16. USB 3.0 connectors (x2) | 17. Network connectors (x4) | 18. Power supply (x2)

Dimensions and weight.

1. Height: 86.8 mm (3.42") | 2. Width: 482 mm (18.98") | 3. Depth: 715.5 mm (28.17") | Weight: 28.6 kg (63.05 lbs)


Dimensions and weight.

1. Height: 86.8 mm (3.42") | 2. Width: 482 mm (18.98") | 3. Depth: 715.5 mm (28.17") | Weight: 28.6 kg (63.05 lbs)