Dell Data Protection

Data Protection & Data Backup.


Dell EMC data protection and backup solutions provide a variety of ways to protect, manage, recover, and reuse data—one of the most important resources in today’s modern business.


Data Protection.

Master all your next generation data management needs with a custom solution from the Dell EMC range.  



Data Domain.

Dell EMC Data Domain Storage Systems deliver reliable and scalable data protection storage. The right solution for each company can be selected depending on their performance and capacity requirements in order to take full advantage of the system’s benefits.

  • Cloud-ready
  • Seamless integration
  • Wide product range      
  • Reliable access and recovery
  • Scalability and performance
  • Reduction of storage requirements


The comprehensive Data Domain portfolio offers a suitable solution for every company and can be selected according to performance and capacity requirements depending on the size of the company.

DD3300, DD6300, DD6800, DD9300, DD9800 (Images from left to right)

Data Protection Suite. 

Dell EMC Protection Suite offers the opportunity to choose between a variety of software applications for comprehensive protection which can be perfectly integrated depending on the company-specific application scenarios. Whether your data environment is characterised by business-critical data, backup requirements or even virtualised, Data Protection Suite solutions meet your needs.

Integrated Data Protection Appliance (IDPA).

Dell EMC Integrated Data Protection Appliance is a convergent and comprehensive application solution  and includes backup, replication, deduplication, search and analysis features, integration in VMware as well as cloud-readiness, disaster recovery and long-term cloud storage—all in one appliance.

  • Fast provisioning thanks to the package solution
  • High deduplication rates
  • Highly-scalable
  • Native cloud expandability
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Depending on the power and capacity needed, there are 4 different versions available.


IPDA solutions – Maximum choice and flexibility.

For mid-sized companies:

  • IDPA DP4400
  • IDPA DP5800

For large companies:

  • IDPA DP8300
  • IDPA DP8800

PowerProtect Appliance. 

Accelerate your IT transformation with the data management software platform and a multi-dimensional, integrated next generation appliance based on Dell EMC PowerProtect Software. This can be deployed on standard hardware or integrated into the PowerProtect X400 Appliance. Using this unique combination, you can benefit from the following advantages in a dynamic IT environment:


  • Flexible deployment and installation 
  • Scalability and capacity expansion for increased performance
  • Self-service control through centralised management
  • All Flash option for individual performance levels     
  • Cloud-ready

PowerProtect  X400 Appliance.

  • Based on Dell EMC PowerEdge servers 
  • Integrated Dell EMC PowerProtect software
  • Scale-out-capable cubes for performance and capacity increases
  • Includes Protect software
  • Data security and deduplication
  • Efficient, flexible data management
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Dell EMC VPLEX offers continual data mobility and maximises availability. This ensures that business-critical applications are always operational and that a flexible, easy-to-manage infrastructure can be built which means maintenance can be carried out without downtimes.

Key benefits of VPlex:
  • All Flash optimisation
  • Scale-out capable
  • Reliability and flexibility for changing needs
  • Online technical updates for fast modernisation

Data backup and recovers


Dell EMC Tape Storage.

Dell EMC tape backup and recovery solutions ensure reliable protection for large volumes of data and long-term archiving requirements. The comparatively low cost of tape and its long-term reliability help ensure that this technology will continue to be used for backup and archiving. The most important benefits are high reliability, the tape media’s long-life and low power consumption. 

PowerVault LTO Tape Drive.
  • Fast, reliable saving of data
  • Low TCO
  • 4 versions to choose from: LTO-8, LTO-7, LTO-6, LTO-5
Dell EMC ML3 Tape Library.
  • LCD display shows system status and settings
  • Web-based management
  • Scalability 
  • 3U form factor

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