Dell Support Services

Dell EMC support services for client and enterprise systems.

Increase productivity by avoiding downtime.



Across the industry, the nature of IT support and maintenance has evolved slowly. Dell has a long history of innovation in system support and repair.


Dell’s ProSupport suite, and support tools such as SupportAssist and TechDirect, shift age-old monitoring and maintenance routines from reactive to proactive, from passive to predictive, from manual to automated. Dell is simplifying system repair.

And it’s not only Dell’s innovative software that makes an important contribution. Enjoy numerous benefits for your future needs with Dell ProSupport Plus.

Convergent infrastructure

Big data



Application modernisation

Internet of Things

More complexity

Maintenance costs

Workload availability

A multitude of vendors

End user requirements


THE SOLUTION: Enterprise-class support by Dell EMC.


Single point of contact

Extensive expertise

Automation and tools

Knowledge of the landscape

Established infrastructure and scalability

Dell EMC support.
Make use of the broad spectrum of customer service offers and capabilities that are individually tailored, proactive and future-oriented.


Insight and efficiency.


Customer friendliness.


Specialist support.
For enterprise systems.

Whether you are a growing business or global organisation: these support packages for enterprise systems provide the level of hardware and software support you need for peace of mind and optimized productivity.

▪ ProSupport Enterprise Suite

▪ Service extension

▪ Spare parts and technician deployment for enterprises



For enterprise client systems.

The comprehensive Dell support for PCs, tablets etc. provides complete support services, direct access to support experts and proactive monitoring to automatically avoid and solve problems.

▪ ProSupport Client Suite

▪ Additional services
  (Keep Your Hard Drive, Accidental Damage Protection,
  Battery Service)




Tools for business success.


Vigilant sensors and analytical prediction enable scheduled maintenance instead of downtime—troubleshooting without the trouble. In addition, you can monitor system health and repairs, by relying on Dell consoles, portals, and APIs.


  • Comprehensive service portal for product management
  • Can be used in support and deployment areas according to individual settings
  • Proactive automated status control
  • Automated problem detection, notification and case creation possible from Pro Support
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