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Dell Wyse.



Optimised endpoints for your virtual environment.

Experience optimised performance with Wyse thin clients and software designed to enhance your digital workspaces with ultimate security and intelligent unified management. Experience intelligent productivity with a portfolio optimised for virtual work environments.

The right solution for you.
Developed for your cloud computing environment.

Dell Wyse Thin Clients and Wyse software are designed for easy integration into digital work environments. Thanks to uncomplicated, immediately ready-to-use automatic setup, configuration, and management features, installation takes just one minute per thin client. Wyse Easy Setup lets you be more quickly productive with Wyse ThinLinux and Windows 10 IoT.
End-to-end security begins at the end point. Wyse Thin Clients have been developed with a focus on security. They offer only a limited attack surface and support security compliance standards and enhanced multi-factor authentication solutions. The high-quality, secure, virus-resistant Wyse ThinOS, sturdy Wyse ThinLinux with tried-and-true design, Windows 10 IoT Enterprise and additional Dell security features minimise your risks and reduces downtime for users. 
With secure, HTTPS-based communication and Active Directory authentication for role-based management, Wyse Management Suite ensures your endpoints are always up to date. Thanks to the mobile app, you can send IT-critical alert messages and real-time commands at any time with just a tap of your finger.

Dell Wyse Thin Clients offer:

  • Powerful security features
  • Quick and intelligent user experiences with current tools
  • High-speed connection to many peripherals
  • Support for multiple monitors
  • Certified by leading VDI brokers (VMware, Citrix, Microsoft, AWS)
  • Simple installation 
  • Versatile form factors with a large range of mounting options

Dell Wyse Thin Clients can handle the requirements of various users—from team-oriented employees to power users with graphic-heavy workloads.  It also offers a high-quality computing experience that lets you get the most out of numerous applications and content.

The Dell Wyse system product range.
Wyse 3040 Thin Client. 

With strong performance featuring Intel® Quad Core processors, Wyse 3040 delivers the best virtual desktop experience of any thin client solution in its class. Dell Wyse 3040 Thin Client supports both ThinOS and ThinLinux. This enables task and productivity-oriented users to choose the system best suited to their requirements. 
The 3040 Thin Client features 2 x DisplayPort, 4 x USB port (1 x USB 3.1) and wireless AC with optional Bluetooth for wireless and wired network connectivity.
This Wyse system, with its innovative design, is ideal for environments with low space available. It is the smallest and lightest Dell Thin Client. Several tailored mounting solutions help to optimise the work environment, with the option of mounting behind Dell monitors creating an all-in-one-experience.


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Wyse 5470 All-in-One Thin Client.

The Wyse 5470 All-in-One is the perfect addition to every customer-oriented or commercial workplace. Thanks to its simple design of just a single cable and ready-to-use automatic setup, deployment is effortless. Multiple stand options let you find the right working position for you.
The Wyse AiO Thin Client is available with Wyse ThinOS or Windows 10 IoT Enterprise software. Benefit from fast DDR4 2,400 MHz memory as well as powerful Intel® dual and quad-core processors. Optimised connectivity with built-in support for Unified Communications with a front HD camera and a built-in microphone for seamless collaboration. DisplayPort™, RJ45, 6 x USB ports with optional Intel® Wireless AC 9560 cards with Bluetooth 5.0 let you connect up multiple peripherals with ease for an accelerated and intelligent workflow.


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Wyse 5470 Mobile Thin Client. 

The Wyse 5470 Mobile Thin Client lets you unfold your full potential. Connect, collaborate and work confidently from the cloud while on the move with the Wyse 5470 mobile thin client. Made to deploy fast and scale easily with unified management from Wyse Management Suite. Be productive in style on the HD or Full HD 35.6 cm (14") display, with touch screen options for enhanced usability and support for up to 2x external displays. Simple connectivity and seamless collaboration with built-in support for unified communications with Intel® Wireless-AC 9560 card, integrated Bluetooth capability and front-facing HD camera. Featuring VGA, HDMI, RJ-45 Ethernet, USB Type-A and USB Type C™ ports for a broad support of peripherals to empower a faster, smarter workflow.


This product is only available on request.

Wyse 5070 Thin Client. 

In order to handle the modern business requirements of team-oriented workers and power users with graphic-heavy workloads, the Wyse 5070 features high-speed processing with the latest Intel® Quad Core processors and ultimate flexibility with Wyse ThinOS, ThinLinux, and Windows 10 IoT as OS options. Wyse 5070 features an impressive 3,840 x 2,160 UHD resolution for the growing number of applications and content that can benefit from this ultra-sharp, rich experience. Wyse 5070 boosts user productivity with high configurability and 21 port and connector options. Features such as real 4K graphics, multiple DP interfaces, USB-C, multiple network connection options and the integrated CAC/smartcard reader ensure an enhanced, productive user-experience day after day.


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The Wyse software product range.

Wyse software enhances the user-experience, simplifies configuration and management of thin clients in companies or via the cloud, and enables you to scale up to 50,000 thin and zero clients.


Wyse ThinOS.

Enjoy carefree working with the ultimate virtual OS to protect against malware and attacks. Dell’s exclusive Wyse ThinOS is the most secure thin client operating system delivering a zero client experience with the latest high performance desktop virtualisation protocols and a rich array of Unified Communications solutions to keep users at their productive best. Ready to connect to Citrix®, Microsoft®, VMware® and Amazon Workspaces environments, this lightweight firmware base is about the size of a digital photograph, has minimal overhead and a boot time of less than 10 seconds for a shorter time to productivity.



Wyse ThinLinux. 

Wyse ThinLinux combines the security, flexibility and market-leading usability of Ubuntu Linux with Dell’s optimisations in management and user experience. The new intuitive, user-friendly interface and support for Unified Communication platforms enable quick user adoption and a rich collaboration experience. Wyse ThinLinux opens doors to the world of apps available and makes the installation process a breeze.



Windows 10 IoT Enterprise.

Combining Dell’s optimisations in management and user experience with a rich Windows ecosystem, Windows 10 IoT Enterprise delivers immersive productivity for digital workspaces.  Wyse thin clients running Windows 10 IoT Enterprise experience a shorter time to productivity with Wyse Quick Start and Wyse Easy Setup and deliver the versatility and flexibility to access all types of virtual workspaces, cloud environments and a broad-range of eligible local Windows applications and peripherals. Experience enhanced protection against modern security threats, less disruption in your workday and less time managing remediation of devices with Wyse added-value software providing enhanced write filter protection and granular control with lockdown features. Optimised write filter protection (patent pending technology) and the Dell Threat Defense Option offer additional protection against threats.



Wyse Management Suite. 

This efficient hybrid cloud management solution centrally configures, monitors and manages Wyse endpoints and scales from one to hundreds of thousands of devices to meet all levels of deployment. Optimised for an out-of-box experience with less than 5 minutes for installation, Wyse Management Suite is the only thin client management solution that comes with a mobile app, allowing IT users to view critical alerts and send real time commands.



Wyse Converter für PCs.  

Extend the benefits of Wyse value-added software to all your users. Wyse Converter for PCs lets organisations convert and repurpose their Windows PCs into fully optimised endpoints to deliver a more secure and reliable digital experience. This hybrid solution offers the flexibility for IT to hide or show local applications, helps minimise risks with Dell Write Filter, Wyse Easy Setup and OS customisation and provides unified management of all converted PCs with Wyse Management Suite.



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