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The new Dell 3000 series notebooks.


Dell Latitude 3400 and 3500.
This small and elegant notebook with connection and management feautures is perfect for small and growning enterprises.

The notebook is available in two sizes and display options. You decide what best suits your needs:


Dell Latitude 3400.

Anti-glare 35.6 cm (14") HD display with camera and microphone or an anti-glare FHD screen with camera and microphone. Also optionally available with touch screen and IR camera and microphone.


Dell Latitude 3500.

Reflexionsarmes Anti-glare 39.6 cm (15.6") HD display with camera and microphone or an anti-glare FHD screen with camera and microphone and WWAN capability. Also optionally available with touch screen and IR camera and microphone.

Work seamlessly and from anywhere.

Conquer your workday: The latest Intel® Core 8th generation processors with up to i7 and 4-core ensure that your applications run quicker and you can work with even large files with ease. Multitask to the max with the option for accelerated Intel Optane RAM. Extended battery life handles your entire workday and then some.


Legacy ports: The connection to periphery devices has been optimised and is now incredibly easy, since all Latitude models feature the maximum number of ports options, including RJ45, HDMI, USB 3.1 and USB-C. Plus, this notebook is the only Latitude device with a VGA port, meaning you can connect it without the need for an adapter. 


Establish a connection.

Benefit from the maximum number of port options on all Latitude models.


See more of your room.

The bezel is 40% slimmer than on the previous generation.


Designed to impress. Narrow bezel. Designed to impress.

The smallest in its class: With its sleek, small design, this is the first 3000 series notebook to qualify as an ultrabook according to IDC’s industry definition, making this system ideal for travel and daily use.


Screen and touch pad: The optional Full HD touch screen expands your view, while the precision touchpad lets you leave your mouse behind and stay productive on the go.


Expand your office: Latitude 3000 series notebooks enhance your workflow anywhere and look good while doing it. It’s smaller than the previous generation, has a 40% narrower bezel, and a new wedge shape that’s even more compact. Gloss edges look elegant and modern in any setting. The Latitude 3500 enhances your workflow anywhere and looks good while doing it.

Easy to manage:

Log in with ease: An optional fingerprint reader on the power button not only looks sleek, but adds an extra layer of security. Or, log in using Windows Hello with the latest optional infrared camera technology.


Dell Client Command Suite: This program comes with a set of automation tools that assists in device monitoring, deployment, updating and more, to maximise your hardware and software investments and save time.


Outstanding reliability: Your Latitude features a durable, built-to-last chassis that has undergone extensive military-grade MIL-STD 810G testing to ensure your system can withstand real-world conditions.


Dell has your business covered.

ProDeploy Client Suite: They help you deploy PCs with greater speed, less effort and more control. You will direct every detail of your deployment with Dell’s TechDirect portal that features an unprecedented level of control, automation and simplicity.


ProSupport: Dell makes hardware and software support easy. ProSupport offers 24x7 access to local language, advanced technology experts who contact you when critical issues arise. They do all this so you can focus on the strategic work that drives your business forward.


ProSupport Plus: With their most complete support service for PCs, you get all the capabilities of ProSupport plus hard drive failure prevention, repair for drops, spills and surges and hard drive retention in the case of replacement. In today’s fast moving culture, there’s no time for downtime. Dell has your back. Upgrade to ProSupport Plus.

Practical notebook accessories for your Latitude.

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