HP JetIntelligence


More...Pages, Performance, and Protection.

Introducing the all-new HP LaserJet printers, built around a breakthrough in toner chemistry – new Original HP Toner cartridges with JetIntelligence.

More pages, more performance and more fraud protection.

Original HP Toner cartridges with JetIntelligence are re-engineered for higher ISO yields and more dependable toner level status.

Original HP Toner cartridges with JetIntelligence print up to 33% more professional quality pages, deliver high printing performance and also include anti-fraud technology.

HP has developed the HP ColorSphere 3 toner to make the most out of high speed printing: The toner's low melt point combined with a durable outer shell enable high quality printing. The result is more pages can be printed by a smaller and faster printer that uses less energy. In addition, measurement technology detects the toner level so that IT managers can use the contents of each cartridge in the best possible way.

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With anti-fraud technology built into every JetIntelligence toner cartridge customers are protected against counterfeit cartridges. Cartridges are authenticated during installation and the user is informed if the cartridge is used or counterfeit. This technology supports IT departments implement guidelines for their printer fleet, facilitating cost management and compliance with the company's corporate standards. The automatic seal removal also makes it easier to install the cartridges.


HP JetAdvantage Private Print software prevents unauthorised access to confidential print jobs and reduces waste due to fewer misprints. Every print job is securely saved in the Cloud until the user identifies himself and retrieves the document. For more speed, HP JetAdvantage Private Print can also be used with a HP Common Card Reader. The user can also manage the printing process via an app for iOS and Android tablets and smartphones.


What makes JetIntelligence stand out? Here's an overview:

Technology for maximising the number of pages printed

Measurement technology for toner levels

ColorSphere 3 toner

Anti-fraud technology

Automatic seal removal