HP business desktops.

There’s an elegant HP business desktop for every employee’s modern workplace. They are available in a variety of form factors, come with comprehensive management and security features and many upgrade options so that you can set up your PCs to exactly suit your employees’ needs. From the entry-level 200 Series and ProDesk 400 and 600 Series that have been designed for everyday tasks, to the high-performance EliteDesk 800 Series that can be easily upgraded and leaves nothing to be desired. The high-end EliteOne 1000 Series offers All-in-One devices with several display sizes.

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HP 200 Series.

Affordable entry-level desktop for your employees.

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HP ProDesk/ProOne 400 Series.

An intelligent financial investment in an expandable desktop PC that minimises your employees’ TCO.

HP ProDesk/ProOne 600 Series.

A commercial mainstream PC that perfectly combines performance, scalability and manageability for your employees.

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HP EliteDesk 705 Series, HP EliteDesk/EliteOne 800 Series, HP Elite Slice und HP EliteOne 1000.

Developed for high performance with an impressive design, durable chassis, fantastic manageability, security and support for your specialists.

Overview of HP series: 

Comparison of HP 200 and HP ProDesk 400 Desktop Series:

Performance without compromise:

Commercial B360 chipset, optional Optane memory and storage

Security and manageability:

HP BIOSphere Gen5, HP Client Security Manager Gen5, HP Manageability Integration Kit, HP Common Core BIOS

Design and technology:

DisplayPort, flexible rear I/O ports, full support of commercial displays and accessories

Comparison of HP ProDesk 400 and 600 Desktop Series:

Performance without compromise:

Can be upgraded up to 128 GB RAM (MT and SFF), Intel® Q370 chipset

Security and manageability:

Intel® Standard Manageability, optional Intel® vPro, toolless maintenance



More bays, more ports, more PCI slots


Comparison of HP ProDesk 600 and HP EliteDesk 800 Desktop Series:

Performance without compromise:

95 W processor option, up to 500 W power supply, optional high-end video cards, VR-ready configuration, RAID, tested to MIL-STD

Security and manageability:

HP Sure Start Gen3, Q270 chipset with Intel® vPro Standard

Design and technology:​​​​​​​

Larger tower form factor, more bays

Comparison of HP ProDesk 600 and HP EliteDesk 705 Desktop Series:

Outstanding power:

Latest AMD Ryzen™ PRO processors with up to 8 cores, high-performance discreet video cards, RAID support, up to 400 W power supply

Security and manageability:

HP Sure Recover, HP Sure Run


Design and technology:

Optional Thunderbolt interface, tested to MIL-STD

Comparison of HP EliteOne 800 and 1000 Series:

Performance without compromise:

Integrated collaboration keys, Thunderbolt 3, DisplayPort In

Security and manageability:​​​​​​​

Toolless access to swap displays or upgrade hardware

Design and technology:​​​​​​​

Display options: 23.8" FHD Touch/Non-Touch, 27" UHD, 34" Curved WQHD, compatible EliteOne 1000 displays available, external power supply

HP EliteDesk security features.


Your company will be more secure, more productive and more profitable with the integrated HP EliteDesk security features that ensure uncomplicated management and much higher performance

  • HP BIOSphere Gen5: Includes powerful protections against physical attacks that are simple to set up and customise.
  • HP Sure View Gen3 (AiO): Privacy at the touch of a button – Protect the content on your screen from prying eyes.
  • HP Manageability Integration Kit Gen3: Comprehensive fleet control from anywhere – IT teams can centrally manage and remotely control critical security solutions
  • HP Sure Sense: Uses artificial intelligence to protect your network from unknown malware.
  • HP Sure Click Gen2: Carefree clicking – Prevents web-based attacks and intercepts malicious e-mail attachments.
  • HP Sure Start Gen5: BIOS protection with automatic self-healing within seconds – The first any only self-healing BIOS.
  • HP Sure Run: Malware is often used to disable critical operating system processes such as anti-virus. HP Sure Run is built into the hardware to restart these processes in the event of an attack.
  • HP Sure Recover: Fast image recovery minimises downtime.