HP Workstations.


Versatile, reliable, powerful.

Experience uncompromising reliability, extensive configuration options and powerful business-class performance. Redefine versatility and flexibility with HP Z.

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HP Z2 Mini.

The world’s first mini workstation designed for CAD users.

Made by and for design professionals, the revolutionary Z2 Mini gives you both performance and reliability in a small, elegant design for the best CAD experience.


  • Toll-less access
  • Whisper quiet operation
  • NVIDIA® Quadro® Pro graphics
  • HP Z Turbo Drive
  • Intel® Xeon® processor
  • Choice of Windows 10 Pro or Linux®


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HP Z2.

Die leistungsstärkste Einstiegs-Workstation von HP.

Erleben Sie Leistung auf Serverniveau in einer Desktop Workstation mit beeindruckender Erweiterbarkeit. Bewältigen Sie souverän komplexe Workloads wie BIM und Rendering mit bis zu Ultra 3D-Grafikkarten und den aktuellen Intel® Core™- oder Intel® Xeon®-Prozessoren.


  • ***Features für HP Z2 noch ergänzen***
  • Geräuscharmer Betrieb
  • NVIDIA® Quadro® Pro Graphics
  • HP Z Turbo-Laufwerk
  • Intel® Xeon® Prozessoren
  • Auswahl zwischen Windows 10 Pro oder Linux®


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HP Z4.

HP’s best-selling performance workstation.

Perfect for engineering, the Z4 delivers mainstream performance for a range of applications. With server-grade processing and a broad set of features you get all you need, nothing more.


  • 10 cores
  • 256 GB RAM
  • 16 TB storage
  • 2x NVIDIA Quadro P5000 graphics


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HP Z6.

A future-proof powerhouse.

No matter what the future holds, you’ll have all the performance you need. Ideal for VFX and rendering, this workhorse offers a wide range of processing power and the flexibility to upgrade components over time.


  • 48 cores
  • 384 GB RAM
  • 16 TB storage
  • 2x NVIDIA Quadro P5000



HP Z8.

Extreme power.

Run 3D simulations and edit 8K video in real time with world-class workstation computer components including the highest memory capacity available.


  • 56 cores
  • 3 TB RAM
  • 40 TB storage
  • 3x NVIDIA Quadro P6000


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