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Businesses are constantly battling the threat of data loss due to external factors and cyberattacks. The HPE StoreEver Tape Backup System is a long-term archiving method with standard LTO to protect and store backup data. The storage media is available as a single drive, auto loader and library and is characterised by security, durability and scalability. Backup data are available for many years and the number of tapes and drives can be individually adapted making the backup system the perfect choice for SMEs and corporations. And best of all, the manufacturer takes care of maintenance directly.



Enjoy a multitude of benefits with HPE StoreEver Tape.

Reliable data protection.

The tape library provides the crucial data protection needed by SMEs. The LTO tapes offer the highest levels of security for critical corporate data and compliance with statutory requirements such as those for the long-term storage of medical records and video surveillance files.

Simple data scaling.

Subsequent scaling is quick, flexible and simple with the MSL LTO Upgrade Drive Kit. In this way, capacity and performance can be cost-effectively adapted to requirements through drive expansions.


Offline cassettes provide additional security for stored data, protecting it from ransomware.

Savings when switching to LTO-8.
LTO upgrade
LTO upgrade
LTO-6 to -8
LTO-7 to -8
LTO-6 to -8
At least 40%*
LTO-7 to -8
At least 25%

By upgrading to LTO-8, users can benefit in multiple ways including the reduction in environment costs, less cooling and therefore, savings in both electricity and space. Greater storage capacity and fewer slots lead to savings of at least 40%.*

HPE StoreEver backup systems.

HPE LTO Ultrium Tape Drive

HPE MSL 1/8 G2 Autoloader

HPE MSL 2024 Tape LibraryHPE MSL 3040 Tape LibraryHPE MSL 6480 Tape Library
Form factor U


1 U

2 U

3 U
Max. 21 U

6 U
Max. 42 U

Number of cassette slots




Scalable from 40 to 280

Scalable from 80 to 560

Backup capacity with LTO-0

30 TB

240 TB

720 TB

Up to 8.4 PB

Up to 16.8 PB


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* Prices from hpe.com, as of 02/04/2021. At least 40 % savings calculated based on an upgrade from LTO-6 to LTO-8. Actual prices and savings may vary depending on where the media is bought.