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Jabra offers a wide range of software and services you can leverage to get the most out of your new headsets.





Jabra Direct software.

Keep your headset up-to-date.

Jabra Direct makes sure that your headset always has the latest firmware,  guaranteeing you’ll have the most up-to-date features, bug fixes and easy access to compatibility updates. With the user-friendly Direct Dashboard, staying current has never been easier.





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Personalise your headset.

Working in the office, from home, from a café, or during your daily commute? Everyone has different ways of working, and that’s why Jabra Direct give you the ability to adjust your audio protection levels, sidetone, and music settings. You can even customise your ringtone.

Personalisierung Headset

Audio protection levels

Music settings

Customise controls

Change ringtone

Control calls from your headset.

Jabra Direct permits remote call control of softphones. This means if you’re using Microsoft Skype, Cisco Jabber, Avaya, etc., you can control calls directly from your headset’s buttons. How you work, and how you use your headset, is back in your hands.

Jabra Xpress software.

Don’t just deploy headsets, manage them.

Having invested in premium headsets to boost business productivity, now it’s time to make the best use of your assets and take your team’s work to the next level. Smart asset management gets the best out of your devices – today and tomorrow.




Linux Setup


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Headsets that are always the best they can be.

Keep different devices – across multiple locations and with numerous users – up-to-date with the latest firmware. Xpress offers easy mass deployment and agile maintenance.

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Software that supports all the main operating systems.

To enable maximum flexibility, Jabra Xpress directly supports Windows and macOS and now also Linux, through our valued device management partners. All data generated can be stored on-premises, on your own cloud-based service or on the Jabra cloud.




Analytics that help your agents and please your customers.

With call analytics received from individual headset users, you can make data-based decisions that improve agent productivity and the customer call experience.

Flexible and free management.

An ROI that keeps on giving, Jabra Xpress is free of charge with unlimited access to software updates, no matter what platform you work with.

Jabra Sound+ app.

Engineered to personalise your sound.

Download the Jabra Sound+ app to unlock the full potential of your headphones, including access to exclusive features available only through the app and the latest firmware updates to help keep your headphones at the top of their game.


Sound+ makes your music personal. Choose how much of the real world you want to let in with HearThrough, let MySound give you music that’s perfectly tailored to your individual hearing profile or fine tune it using the customisable equaliser. You can even edit the app itself, so you only see the widgets you use.



Individueller Sound
2 Jahre Garantie

Peace of mind is at your fingertips with the Sound+ app. Simply register your device to activate your 2-year warranty, and get on with enjoying your new headphones.

Get the most out of your headphones.

The Jabra Sound+ app allows you to personalise your headphones, so your calls and music experience is always exactly how you want it to be.


We’ve created three perfect Moments – Commute, In public or In private. Personalise them or use them as they are, for great sound wherever you are.


Tailor your headphones to you with MySound and access the latest firmware updates, information & guidance, voice assistant and language options.


Discover what your headphones can do with hints, tips and tricks, a guide to the buttons and notifications whenever action is required from you.


We’re always here to help. Contact the Jabra support team to access more information about our privacy policy and legal disclaimers.

MySound is your sound.

MySound allows you to hear your music the way it was meant to be heard – expertly optimised and configured via an in-app hearing test and then calibrated on your headphones, for music that’s perfectly tailored to your individual hearing profile.


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