Über Lenovo

About Lenovo – Transformation and Innovation.

  • Lenovo is a leading provider of innovative consumer, trading and corporate technology. 
  • With research and development centres in China, Japan and USA, Lenovo drives innovation with its innovation triangle system. 
  • Lenovo's portfolio covers PCs (including the legendary brands Think and Multimode Yoga), workstations, servers, memory, smart TVs and also mobile products such as smartphones (Lenovo and Motorola brands), tablets and apps. 
  • Lenovo is innovative. Lenovo's business is known for it continuous improvements and optimisations.
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Full Throttle Growth

Lenovo is bigger and more diverse than ever, not only thanks to consistently strong growth, but also through the successful completion of two acquisitions in the last business year. The merger of IBM and Motorola's System x server business by Google has made Lenovo a global player in the server and smartphone markets. Lenovo now has 3 growth drivers - PC, enterprise and mobile. The strengthening of these areas means Lenovo's business is more balanced, not only in terms of its products, but also in its geographical focus.

Transformation and Innovation.

Lenovo will never stand still. In view of the chances and challenges of the new Internet era, Lenovo will become more customer than product-oriented. The company wants to do more than just provide the best hardware. Instead, a blend of hardware, software and the Cloud service platform will be on offer. And the business model will not go unaffected by this transformation: in the future, there will be more direct contact with the customer, which is why the sales operations will be expanded to accommodate this change. At the same time, the company is looking into innovative ways to create customised services for its customers' needs.