Support for Windows Server 2008 is ending soon.

Time for an upgrade.


From January 2020, Microsoft shall no longer be honouring warranties for Windows Server 2008/R2 and shall no longer provide security updates. Upgrade now with Lenovo to ensure optimum security, performance, scalability and cloud readiness.

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Windows Server 2008 – yesterday’s speeds.

Windows Server 2008 was limited to 64 logical processors, which by today’s standards leaves it in the slow lane for modern business operations.

Windows Server 2016 – powerful performance.

Windows Server 2016 harnesses the powerful features of the latest Intel® Xeon® processors in modern Lenovo servers. So, you can take full advantage of demanding applications like AI & DevOps.

Windows Server 2008 – outdated.

In order to comply with the requirements laid out in the EU GDPR, all user data must be protected as well as possible. Violations are punishable by fine so that every tiny security risk could potentially become a real problem for those still using Windows 2008.

Windows Server 2016 – current security standards.

Windows Server 2016’s enhanced security protects at the identity, OS, and virtualisation layers to disrupt attacks and isolate vulnerable targets. Support is continuing until at least 2023.

Windows Server 2008 – limited capacity.

Underlying your server’s performance is enough memory to cope with the load. 1 TB of physical memory per server is yesterday’s news and the max Windows Server 2008 offered.

Windows Server 2016 – More potential. 

Windows Server 2016 runs many more VMs with up to 24 TB of memory per server. Significantly bigger memory scale means you can run multiple virtualised operating systems on one physical server, each handling huge workloads.

Windows Server 2008 – small area of application.  

Today’s business requirements are many times greater than at the time Windows Server 2008 came onto the market. In those days, using the cloud was still a thing of fantasy.



Windows Server 2016 – Efficient scaling.  

Windows Server 2016 commands massively scalable and hardware-agnostic storage, networking and compute from a single interface, all while reducing your expenses.