The new Lenovo ThinkVision T25s with 63.5 cm (25.0") display.



Maybe you need a bit more... With its 63.5 cm (25.0") large screen, the T25s stands out from the office ordinary, making a welcome change from the generally accepted standard size. And while other manufacturers have recently started offering a generous 25" format, their prices leave something to be desired.


The smaller T24d model is already a bestseller, and the T25s is the same tried and tested technology—in a large format with a small price tag. Who wouldn’t want more monitor for their money?


Experience a new way of viewing things with the virtually bezel-less ThinkVision T25d. The NearEdgeless screen features in-plane switching, a 16:10 aspect ratio and 11% more pixels than full HD offer more screen real estate for seamless multitasking. Versatile HDMI, DisplayPort, and legacy VGA ports enable easy connectivity to your favourite work devices. Impressive 4ms response time minimises motion blur, allowing you to enjoy smooth, flicker-free visuals from any angle. Well-suited for number crunching, or graphic designing, the ThinkVision T25d monitor is a smart investment for professionals whose job requires them to be more detail oriented.

Matchless focus, enormous viewing area.

Enjoy 11% more pixels than a full HD screen and 8% more visual space than a 24", 16:10 monitor. The ThinkVision T25d delivers a sharp image with no annoying bezel, and the precise and inimitable sRGB colour palette (99%) makes creative working a pure joy.

Quick connectivity.

Forget constantly switching between applications. Simply connect additional monitors to your T25d via VGA, HDMI, and DisplayPort ports. The four USB 3.1 Gen1 ports meet various connectivity needs, enabling you to check off your to-do list faster. Also, the ‘USB always-on’ mode allows you to charge your devices through the monitor. Unrivalled clarity, quick connectivity.

Easily adjustable and ergonomic.

The full-function monitor stand lets you lift, tilt, pivot, or swivel the device, allowing you to work comfortably. The VESA mount on the back gives you space for a ThinkCentre Tiny PC, enabling you to put together a quick and powerful computing solution in a modern, space-saving design.