The future of employee mobility.

Be your most productive all the time and anywhere with Lenovo ThinkPads.

Almost 40% of the global workforce is mobile and this percentage is only going to increase in the coming years. Globalisation, digitalisation and increased customer requirements are just some of the reasons why more and more companies are expecting their employees to do their work whenever and wherever. But this flexibility brings new challenges for the IT department, such as ensuring that company data and networks remain inaccessible to unauthorised users.



Why Lenovo is your future. 
Lenovo fulfils your mobility requirements.


Uncompromising productivity
Reliable durability
Uncompromising productivity
Reliable durability
Uncompromising productivity.


Given that the new age workforce are expected to be able to work effectively from anywhere, anytime, their organisations should equip them with the right devices to do so.


For Lenovo, productivity is a culmination of these three core capabilities:





Combination of processing power, memory, and graphics.


The key elements for optimum mobile device performance are: powerful processors, resilient operating system, immersive graphics, adequate RAM, large display, and long battery life. Lenovo devices score high on all these aspects, so you never have to compromise on device performance again.


Combination of enclosure formats, docking solutions, and use modes.

Lenovo ThinkPads ensure flexibility to keep up with modern collaboration options.

Employee mobility is supported with:


  • Self-service support options
  • Docking options
  • High-quality user experiences


Combination of ports and WLAN connectivity plus built-in-LTE-A.

Connectivity boosts productivity. Stay connected at all times within Lenovo ThinkPads – even when there’s no Wi-Fi. Fast mobile broadband ensures users are always connected to all their data and apps in the Cloud.




  • LTE-A (4G)
  • Tri-Band wireless
  • Near Field Communication (NFC)
360° security.


Just because the employees have the flexibility to work from anywhere and have access to organisational resources at all times, it doesn’t mean that the IT departments should be burdened to enable this.