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Lenovo ThinkStation P510 workstation.

A versatile, configurable workstation.

The latest generation workstation offers all the power you need to get any job done, as well as business-class reliability which is essential for business-critical applications. The ThinkStation® P510 delivers the energy efficiency, performance and user-friendliness you need with its scalable and flexible design. The Flex trays in their high-quality casing design offer room for up to two drives for maximum flexibility, and Lenovo's patented tri-channel-cooling improves its reliability even more.


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Ease of use. reliability. Performance.

The Intel® Xeon® processors with Turbo Max 3.0 and graphics cards up to NVIDIA® Quadro®-P6000 offer outstanding upgrade options for storage, memory, power supply and connections, including lots of power and ISV certification.


Innovative performance features.

Thanks to their modular design, upgrades couldn’t be easier and require no tools to physically install. And you also have multiple power supplies and graphics cards to choose from.


Suitable for the technology industry.

The ThinkStation is perfect for industries that require absolute reliability and high-end performance. The ThinkStation P510 offers Lenovo's proven know how and innovative technologies at an unbeatable price for all industries from manufacturing to media, design and data processing.

Absolute reliability.

The ThinkStation P series workstations stay nice and cool even when under heavy loads thanks to their tri-channel cooling system and innovative air-flow design. The P510 is ideally equipped for business-critical tasks, including its round-the-clock technical priority support.


Easy deployment.

The advanced deployment services include device ID, as well as the creation and installation of customer-specific images. Includes Lenovo services for enterprise-class support.

Reasons to buy.

Peak performance.

The Intel® Xeon® processors with Intel®Turbo Boost Max 3.0 technology and NVIDIA® Quadro® graphics offer outstanding upgrade options for storage, memory, power supply and connections, including lots of power and ISV certifications.



The ThinkStation P510 was designed for:

  • Companies that need a reliable, high-octane system to execute their tasks in manufacturing, financing, media and entertainment and medicine.
  • All companies that depend on a workstation with high processing speed, graphics and memory performance.
  • Users that need maximum performance for demanding jobs such as coding, architecture design, 3D CAD/CAM, data management, medical imaging or A/V processing.