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Lenovo ThinkStation P310 workstation.

The power of a workstation. The price of a desktop.

Closing the gap between price and performance as well as between entry-level and mainstream workstations. The ThinkStation® P410 offers a higher core count and memory capacity than any entry-level workstation on the market.


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Unparalleled usability. 

The ThinkStation P310 delivers unparalleled ease of use. In addition to tool-less access, carry handles and its modular design, the Flex Module allows for unprecedented flexibility in customizing I/O ports. The P310 provides the ultimate performance with full-featured scalability. All in a 25 liter tower. Plus, easy access to hardware simplifies upgrades for IT staff. The clean, functional design makes the P310 exceptionally easy to lift and carry. 


Superior reliability. 

ISV-certifications and ECC memory ensure exceptional reliability. 

Energy efficient.

The Lenovo ThinkStation is the only workstation awarded GREENGUARD® certification. Plus, the P310 is rated EPEAT Gold, ENERGY STAR 6.0, and up to 80 PLUS® Platinum PSU. So you can feel good about helping the planet while lowering your bottom line.


Innovative flexibility. 

The Flex module allows for unprecedented flexibility in customizing I/O ports. Use only the components you need, for example, an ultra-thin optical drive, a 29-in-1 card reader, Firewire and eSATA.

Unmatched performance. 

Intel® Xeon® processors and NVIDIA® Quadro® graphics deliver high performance for business-critical operations. The workstation offers the most storage capacity in its class and is ideal for use in the financial and technology sectors, as well as for applications in architecture, medicine or economics. 


Reasons to buy.


Reliable performance.

Intel® Xeon® processors and the NVIDIA® Quadro® graphics card deliver excellent performance. ISV-certifications and ECC memory ensure exceptional reliability.


Innovative performance features.

The Flex module allows for unprecedented flexibility in customizing I/O ports.


More value for your money.

An outstanding solution for anyone searching for truly balanced value.


Environmentally friendly.

Lenovo is the only workstation vendor with GREENGUARD® certification.

The ThinkStation P310 was designed for:

  • Businesses that want to upgrade their normal PCs to more powerful workstations without going over budget.
  • All industires that depend on reliable coputing power, i.e. manufacturing, design, architecture, financial services, medical imaging, software engineering, etc.
  • Users in business-critical environments who require a powerful yet affordable workstation