Surface Laptop Studio.

    Incredibly powerful, infinitely flexible.


    With the best elements of all the Surface devices packed into the latest Surface innovation, Surface Laptop Studio is the new face of the hybrid workplace. Switch seamlessly between a high-performance notebook to a perfectly angled stage for meetings and then to a powerful creative canvas. Leverage the most powerful and flexible Surface Laptop to date to work they way you want.

    Optimise your productivity laptop mode with the full keyboard and the Precision Haptic Touchpad, pull forward the display for presentations in stage mode thanks to the dynamic woven hinge, or sketch and write on your portable canvas in studio mode.


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    Surface Laptop Studio.

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    Maximum performance.

    Tackle the most demanding multi-task workloads.

    • Experience unbelievable power with the 11th Gen H series Intel Core™ processors and enjoy more efficient multi-tasking with the removable 2 TB SSD.
    • Enjoy enterprise-grade speed, mobility and reliability for working on-the-go supported by the industry-leading NVIDIA RTX™ A2000 notebook GPU.
    • Create your ultimate desktop experience with Thunderbolt™ 4 technology that supports a productive setup with two 4K monitors each with 60 Hz.
    • Benefit from uninterrupted performance when the working day gets tough thanks to passive cooling and an industry-leading thermal design.

    A transformative way to work.

    Work the way you want.

    • Securely and quickly log in with Instant On and passwordless Windows Hello.
    • The Surface Slim Pen 2 is always close at hand as it can be magnetically attached under the keyboard for storage and recharging.
    • Windows 11 remembers how your apps are organised when you connect and disconnect an external monitor.
    • Work the whole day on the go thanks to 19 hours of battery life. Enhanced standby mode extends the battery life when you're away from the device.

    Developed for even greater inspiration.

    All you need for outstanding creations and clear connections.

    • Enjoy true-to-life, crystal-clear colours on the 14.4" PixelSense™ Flow touchscreen and up to 18% more vertical surface than conventional notebooks.
    • Experience smoother scrolling and quicker touch response with a refresh rate up to 120 Hz.
    • Look more like yourself in each Microsoft Teams call and make sure you are heard with the 1080p HD camera, two studio microphones and a Teams experience you only get with Windows 11.
    • Profit from crystal-clear audio through the optimised Quad-Omnisonic™ speakers with two invisible woofers that deliver rich bass.

    Deploy, manage and stay secure from anywhere.

    Surface Laptop Studio with Windows 11 has been developed for hybrid working.

    • Maximise security with comprehensive chip-to-cloud protection maintained by Microsoft—from the hardened firmware to the operating system ad cloud management.
    • Minimise complexity by deploying devices directly to employees and managing them right down to the firmware layer from the cloud with Microsoft Endpoint Manager, DFCI and Windows Autopilot all automatically loaded in each.
    • Keep control over your sensitive data with a removable SSD for data storage.
    Whether at your desk, with your customer or at home, the Surface Book Laptop Studio adapts to your working style.
    Architects and designers
    Developers and data analysts
    Government and healthcare staff
    Students and teachers.
    Architects and designers

    Architects and designers.

    Want to be able to create realistic images, presentations and product previews at your desk and on-site? How about using interactive ray tracing for designs and visualisations no matter where you are?

    • Easily run graphics-intensive software like Autodesk Revit, AutoCAD, Adobe Apps and more with a capacity of up to 32 GB RAM and a removable 2 TB SSD.
    • Enjoy enterprise-grade speed, mobility and reliability for working on-the-go supported by the industry-leading NVIDIA RTX™ A2000 notebook GPU, the latest accelerated ray tracing and AI functionality.
    • Dive in and draw on the 120 Hz display as naturally as you would on paper with the Surface Slim Pen 2.
    • View your designs from any perspective on two 4K monitors or connect important accessories via the Thunderbolt™ 4 port.
    Developers and data analysts

    Developers and data analysts.

    Need to run data models or be able to access large live data sets at any time from anywhere? Have to compile, run and debug cycles on the way to work? Work best when you can use your apps to constantly experiment with models?

    • Running the apps you need is child’s play. In Microsoft Visual Studio or Unity, you can compile, run and debug cycles or active the Windows subsystem for Linux and set up an integrated development environment with Visual Studio Code.
    • Tackle large data sets and machine learning workflows on the go with the NVIDIA RTX™ A2000 notebook GPU, latest Intel processors and up to 32 GB RAM.
    • Stay in the flow. Type precisely and comfortably on the full keyboard and work ‘til the sun goes down with the 19-hour battery.1
    • Maximise productivity with the Surface Dock 2* and Microsoft Bluetooth® Ergonomic Mouse. When you connect and disconnect external monitors, Windows 11 will remember where your apps were.
    Government and healthcare staff

    Government and healthcare staff.

    Does your work depend on high-resolution, highly precise image processing or analysing large live data sets? No matter if you’re a civil engineer at the headquarters, a hospital employee in a treatment room or foreman in the field, you need a device with which you can seamlessly switch between tasks.

    • Three modes that adapt to your versatility. Surface Laptop Studio can be a notebook for documenting test results, a canvas for drawing diagrams and pictures and also an interactive way to share information on a screen.
    • Stay productive on the go. One moment you’re designing something at the office and the next you’re presenting your plan on-site. Create plans in ArcGIS and work on Microsoft Whiteboard with the Surface Slim Pen 2. Or care for patients via Microsoft Teams telemedicine features and make sure you’re seen at your best with the 1080p HD camera.
    • Tackle all your tasks including analysing imaging, documenting and interacting with live customer data on-site or off-site with the ground-breaking performance of 11th generation Intel® Core™ processors and optional NVIDIA® standalone GPUs.
    • Protect personal information with directly integrated enterprise-grade chip-to-cloud security.


    Students and teachers.

    Students and teachers.

    Working on challenging STEM tasks as well as creative or artistic projects that demands maximum flexibility from your device? Want to be able to work hard and play hard even with a lot of projects to tackle? Whatever happens, you soak up every idea—in the classroom, at the office and everywhere in between?

    • Learn and teach the way that suits you with three modes that adapt to your needs. Jot down notes in Microsoft OneNote in laptop mode, give presentations in stage mode and comment on documents in Microsoft Whiteboard with the Surface Slim Pen 2 in studio mode.
    • Run compute-intensive workloads such as Dassault SOLIDWORKS™ with the power of the industry-leading NVIDIA RTX™ A2000 notebook GPU and the latest Intel processors.
    • Make sure you look your best and can be clearly heard during remote teaching/learning with Microsoft Teams* and 1080p HD video. You’ll look right at home and also come across clearly thanks to two studio microphones.

    Durable, reliable, repairable.

    Surface devices are part of Microsoft’s commitment to promote sustainable design by reducing the carbon footprint and waste production associated with Surface products and packaging design.

    Surface Laptop Studio’s compact form factor maximises thermal functionality which not only improves energy efficiency, but also extends the battery life. 

    The Surface Laptop Studio is manufactured using a stamping technique that produces fewer waste products and emissions and improves both energy efficiency and battery life.

    Surface Laptop Studio’s thermal module is made up of 25% recycled post-consumer materials.

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