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7 answers of HPE about the Azure Stack.

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What is HPE’s view of the market environment and what makes Azure Stack such a valuable asset for our partners??

It’s essential that enterprises have the right mix of public and private clouds and HPE solutions for Microsoft Azure Stack provide them with homogeneous hybrid models, allowing you to build up your own local data centre resources and enter the world of flexible hybrid cloud services with little fuss. This is the future of the hybrid market. 

With regard to current and future IoT applications, hybrid cloud scenarios are essential for corporate success and Microsoft has strategically aligned itself to this solution. As a long-standing Microsoft partner, HPE provides intensive support to companies by linking on-premise environments with cloud services, enabling them to make the best of both worlds.

What is the HPE Stack?

HPE ProLiant for Microsoft Azure Stack (Gen10) is the flexible solution developed in close collaboration with Microsoft. To meet all company-specific requirements, processors (CPUs), server memory and data storage can be individually combined and network components from various manufacturers also integrated giving enterprises the freedom to create their own tailored Azure Stack solution.


  • 12 to 28 cores per CPU
  • Up to 1.5 TB memory
  • 48 to 120 TB storage


Optimal configuration sizing is carried out in close collaboration with the customer, but HPE also offers standard configurations in three versions.


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From HPE’s point of view, for which customers and IT strategies is Azure Stack suitable?

The focus is on more agility and optimum support of new and existing applications that contribute significantly to value creation in the company, which is why more and more customers are putting their faith in Microsoft Azure Stacks so that they can fuse the advantages of hybrid clouds and on-premise environments.


With HPE ProLiant for Microsoft Azure Stack you retain better control over your data and better meet the increasing demands on IT security and the strict compliance requirements of the new EU General Data Protection Regulation.


As an intelligent edge computing solution, HPE Stacks are used wherever IoT devices, workloads and applications, including artificial intelligence, require support in remote environments. Customers can easily use Azure’s familiar development environments and tools and deploy their applications locally on HPE Stacks.


HPE Stacks avoid transmission problems that affect pure cloud operating models (too low bandwidths, too high latency and costs, possible security threats, corrupted data) ensuring continuously high performance.

What’s HPE’s approach to building the optimal solution?

In cooperation with Bechtle, HPE offers alternative approaches all leading to the same goal—successful deployment and go live!


  • HPE and Bechtle work in close cooperation with the customer to launch the new platform, consulting on all stages of the process—from briefings in the HPE Azure Stack Solution Center and transformation workshops to proof of concepts, hackathons, the implementation of the first basic services and a successful start. Sizing can be carried out using Microsoft’s regular sizing tool or individually by HPE and Bechtle.


Bechtle and HPE offer various billing models for their customers in order to derive optimum economic benefit from individual cloud models. As a rule, attractive conditions under the pay-per-use model can be used to reduce capital costs.


What is the roadmap for future scalability??

HPE is working closely with Microsoft to drive the scope and performance of Azure Stack solutions. The next generation HPE ProLiant for Microsoft Azure Stack offers even more configuration and scaling options and can be integrated into an enterprise-specific environment in a more versatile and individual way, meaning that users of HPE Azure Stacks can protect their investments and continue to respond quickly to new workloads and requirements.

What distinguishes HPE in the operation, management and support of your Azure Stack?

HPE customers with Azure Stack can rely on HPE’s well-established global services, including the availability of a variety of tools and options that simplify and ensure the operation, management and support of Azure Stack.

  • Usually, basic support (HPE Proactive Care Service) is agreed upon, which can then be optionally extended (HPE Datacenter Care).
  • HPE OneView provides an integrated, mature IT management tool to optimally monitor IT components and operations in a software-defined approach and also automate processes.
  • HPE Insight Remote Support can monitor the entire (HPE) IT environment, including proactive notification and troubleshooting support.
  • Customer administrators receive additional operational support from the HPE Adaptive Management Service.

In addition, HPE and Bechtle jointly offer various operating models and services for Azure Stack based on HPE, from Managed Onsite to complete out-tasking.


What does HPE’s cooperation with Bechtle and Microsoft look like?

Microsoft and HPE are characterised by a close relationship and collaboration that has explicitly focused on innovations in the field of hybrid cloud computing since 2015. HPE was the first OEM vendor with a roadmap for Microsoft Azure Stack and has very early knowledge of innovations thanks to its close contact to Microsoft development. HPE and Microsoft work closely together in the areas of services, support, testing and development for Azure Stack and operate joint development and research centres, directly benefiting Bechtle customers. You can use HPE demo stacks to test solutions directly at Bechtle, or alternatively, Bechtle can provide access to the demo stacks at HPE. In addition, a large number of HPE-specific services are available via the Bechtle Hosting & Operations organisation.