Manage your headsets and audio devices.

Plantronics Manager, Plantronics Manager Pro, and Plantronics Hub, all part of the Plantronics Spokes software offering, work together to give enterprises total control and flexibility over their Plantronics audio headsets and devices. Plantronics Manager and Plantronics Manager Pro are two different types of web services which provide IT managers with user-friendly online tools for managing softphone headsets across the enterprise.

On-premise version.

Plantronics Manager is an easy-to-use tool that facilitates headset firmware updates. It monitors enterprise configurations in a local file share and pushes them to softphone headsets.

Cloud version.

Plantronics Manager Pro leverages a first-rate cloud-based architecture that gives IT Managers easy-to-use tools to configure settings and update audio device software and firmware for end-users across the enterprise. It monitors device status and provides a quick overview of your USB headsets as well as their distribution and configuration.

Plantronics Hub for Windows/Mac is a client application that works with Plantronics Manager Pro and allows end users to control the settings on their Plantronics audio device within the parameters defined by IT.

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  • IT needs to adjust audio device settings for hundreds of users to comply with company policies.
  • IT wants to evaluate the effectiveness of their UC deployment and identify users who don’t use their headset.
  • IT needs to push a firmware update to hundreds of users.
  • IT wants to keep track of their audio device inventory.
  • IT needs to troubleshoot user issues from a remote location.


The solution:

Plantronics Manager Pro with Plantronics Hub for Windows/Mac

Plantronics Manager Pro. 

Simplify administration of Plantronics devices.

  • View a summary of all audio devices and Plantronics Hub software at a glance 
  • Easily schedule and deploy device firmware upgrades 
  • Adjust and implement configurations to ensure a seamless end user experience while locking in regulatory compliance settings 
  • Configure devices quickly and consistently, at a time that works best for managers and end users 
  • Conveniently troubleshoot and diagnose user issues from a remote location 

Plantronics Hub. 

Empower user productivity.

  • Enable device-level call control with call answer/end, mute, and volume adjust with supported softphone and UC clients 
  • Access intuitive user features such as visible mute status, battery status, and mute control 
  • Avoid disrupting normal workflow with silent installation option

Plantronics Manager Pro™ 60-day Try and Buy programme with option to upgrade.

Take advantage of the Try and Buy programme now and receive Plantronics Manager Pro with the Asset Analysis reporting tool on a trial basis. For 60 days, you can test the intuitive functionality and reporting free of charge. Experience the benefits for your enterprise prior to committing to a 12-month subscription.*

Interested in the free Try and Buy programme or want more information on Plantronics Manager/Manager Pro? Then get in touch with us! 




Gregor Hübscher



* To retain the tenant and data captured during the trial, the customer needs to order the 12-month subscription upgrade at the end of the trial before the 30-day grace period expires.