The Savi 8200 Series.

The first DECT headset with ANC.*

In open-plan offices and other types of modern office environments, high levels of noise is often a problem. It is distracting and hinders concentration—thereby reducing productivity.
Now you can make calls even in loud environments. The Savi 8200 enables a seamless connection with excellent DECT audio quality, Noise Cancelling and Active Noise Cancelling (ANC)(Savi 8220). Manage calls to your PC, mobile and landline within a range of up to 190 m, line of sight, or 55 m in typical office environments. For enhanced concentration, you can also listen to music and media in excellent quality, all with 13 hours of talk time and 50 hours of standby time.



  • Manage calls from PCs, mobiles and landlines with a single premium headset
  • Filter out background noises with ACTIVE NOISE CANCELLING (ANC) (Savi 8220)
  • Listen to music with DECT audio in Hi-Fi stereo quality (Savi 8220)
  • Wireless freedom to roam up to a distance of up to 180 m line of sight and 55 m in typical office environments
  • Highest security with DECT security certification
  • Ringer conveniently located in the base with volume controls (off, low, medium, high)
  • Call answer/end, volume up/down and mute (on/off) with one touch controls
  • Eliminate interferences with voice-dedicated DECT™ technology
  • Up to 13 hours of talk time on just one charge
  • Voice alerts let you know when the headset is muted, when you’re out of range and more
  • Industry leading Plantronics service and support worldwide
DECT security certification.

Enhanced security for wireless DECT headsets. The use of the latest security standards for DECT wireless connections ensures that the Savi 8200 series is secure. With eight discrete security measures such as authentication, login verification and encryption, your confidential information remains private.



Transfer audio seamlessly between PC, mobile and landlines.



Filters out background noise for better concentration.

* Savi 8220



Enjoy wireless freedom of up to 180 m.



Close Conversation Limiting feature.

Wireless IT management.

The Savi 8200 is supported by the SaaS Plantronics Manager Pro, available separately. Use the Plantronics Manager Pro to manage the headset component, monitor use and hold devices. With data-based business optimisation from Plantronics Manager Pro, the IT department can enhance business processes, employee performance and compliance.



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*Binaural model Plantronics Savi 8220 features ANC.