Samsung Dex Lösung
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Samsung and Microsoft are collaborating even more.


Samsung and Microsoft are taking their partnership to the next level to give their users more options to be productive over several services, apps and devices. A Samsung Galaxy S20 connected with a DeX cable forms the foundation. By integrating Microsoft services, users can seamlessly link their Windows PC and smartphone. The aim of both companies is to change the world of work through new developments and innovations.

Samsung Dex Lösung
The Samsung Galaxy S20.

Whether you use your Galaxy S20 to work or as a video studio, this power phone’s many options and impressive performance turn the street into your desk, the park into your photo studio, and the lobby into your meeting room so you can live and work wherever and whenever you want.

Samsung Dex Lösung
Your direct line to the office.

The Galaxy S20 has enough power to be used just like you would a computer—anytime, anywhere. But maybe you want to save sketches or important messages on a PC or view them on a larger monitor. It’s all possible with DEX . All you need is the included USB cable. Simply connect to a computer and open compatible smartphone apps on the PC to move files from one device to the other using drag & drop. What’s more, you can use your PC’s compatible mouse and keyboard to control your smartphone. You won’t want to stop!

Samsung Dex Lösung
Microsoft Office 365 and Windows Virtual Desktop.


The best virtual desktop experience available on Azure.

  • Offers the only multi-session Windows 10 experience
  • Office 365 ProPlus optimisation available
  • Migration of Windows Server (RDS) desktops and applications
  • Provisioning and scaling within minutes


Those users who are well-acquainted with the Microsoft ecosystem will greatly benefit from this device plus they can get the best out of Microsoft for Android without having to manually download anything. With the Link to Windows feature, images, message and notifications can be synchronised and processed on the Windows 10 desktop. Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel and an optimised version of Outlook are already installed on the Galaxy S20. The enhanced Outlook version now supports the S Pen with which you can read and edit e-mails in your inbox.

Samsung DeX solution and Windows Virtual Desktop – A perfect team.

This solution makes it possible to move PC assets into the cloud from anywhere so the user can access their company desktop from almost any device. Users can leverage DeX to combine their mobile environment with their cloud-based company desktop without necessarily having to use an additional desktop device.


Simplified device and data management gives IT admins a decisive edge by reducing the number of desktop devices while company data is securely and centrally managed in the cloud. The result is your employees can work more effectively without having to constantly switch devices.

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