Samsung Galaxy A7.

Capture your key moments.

If you do a lot of things that you like to capture in photos to share with your colleagues, then the Galaxy A7 (2018) offers you a wide range of options. Your photos become something special when taken with the triple camera with several lenses and scene optimisation that gives them a professional look. Visually, the Galaxy A7 (2018) is a work of art that features an impressive shimmering back in three fashionable colours and seamless design.

  • Versatile shooting possibilities with a triple camera
  • Intelligent image optimisation adapts to your subject and shooting situation
  • Stylish design with shimmering glossy effect
  • Up to 512 GB expandable memory for photos, music and much more via microSD
  • 2 SIM card slots for flexible use
  • Fingerprint scanner built in to the power button
Personalised security.

Unlock your smartphone with just a look at your device. The face recognition technology ensures only you have access to your device—so you’re always sure your personal data is protected. 

Permanent protection.

Use a simple way to access your phone, with protection you can trust. The Galaxy A7 (2018) features a reliable fingerprint scanner built in to the power button which lets you easily log in to websites and apps.


Double protection.

Samsung’s Secure Folder is a practical solution that backs up your data and encrypts it. Save photos, documents and voice memos under an additional layer of protection.

Capture your key moments.

Your life is full of situations that you want to remember. And there are always new fascinating subjects that spark your imagination. Capture your enthusiasm for these moments in photo. Choose the 120° ultrawide angle lens on the Galaxy A7 (2018)'s main camera to capture a holiday sunset, for example, to record it in almost all its glory. Almost as if it reflected your natural field of vision. You can also use the camera with a Bokeh effect for a shot with a soft, out of focus background that highlights the subject in the foreground. Or keep taking high-contrast photos even in poor lighting conditions.