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Samsung Galaxy A8 Enterprise Edition.

New requirements = more complexity.

Enterprise-standard mobile applications have become more complex and it is increasingly difficult to integrate them into existing IT infrastructures, therefore security, customisation and administration remain a problem for many businesses.


Samsung Enterprise Edition supports the need for:

  • Continuous and predictable device management
  • Simple deployment and management (saves time and expense)
  • Enterprise apps and data security
Why choose Enterprise Edition?

Businesses continue to have concerns about security, customisation, and device management.

Business mobility* challenges.
Customer comments.


To ensure security, we need continuous and predictable patch management. 


We need customisation options that work without the help of users. 


We want to be in the position to control push software updates.

Your complete mobility package.
The Samsung A8 Enterprise Edition is designed for high productivity, mobility and security for the organisations of the future.

Mobile business devices have to meet a number of requirements relating to security, flexible customisation and interfaces for easy device management. With the Enterprise Edition, Samsung now offers companies a complete package, responding to existing enterprise mobility requirements. The Galaxy A8 EE combines a powerful processor, large Infinity Display and reliable Samsung Knox protection. Knox holds multiple certifications* and provides multi-layered protection for mobile devices from hardware to apps against threats such as malware, unauthorised data interception and root exploits.

Configure advanced options.

Knox Configure provides IT administrators with a range of features to configure compatible mobile devices for specific processes and uses. A web console lets administrators create the perfect configuration profile in advance, then link it to the appropriate settings and restrictions to set up their company’s mobile devices. And if certain features aren’t needed, they can simply be blocked or reconfigured. Not only that, admins can also reconfigure or disable hardware buttons to customise functionality.

Control firmware updates centrally.

Samsung’s Enterprise Firmware-Over-The-Air (E-FOTA) service lets companies control firmware versions through a compatible MDM system on their fleet’s devices**. Administrators are given the opportunity to test updates before deploying them to verify compatibility between their company’s own software and new Android firmware.

Regular security updates.

Samsung offers security updates for the Galaxy A8 Enterprise Edition on a monthly basis for 3 years from the official global marketing launch. This ensures that the devices are regularly updated with the latest software over the course of their useful lives.


  • Infinity Display with sAMOLED is a part of Samsung’s flagship identity.
  • IP68-certified water and dust protection***
  • Dual SIM functionality enables users to insert two SIM cards and switch between them at will.


This Enterprise Edition smartphone includes the following software solutions:

  • Knox Configure Dynamic Edition for simple device configuration
  • Enterprise FOTA**** to control firmware updates

* Knox certifications


** Compatible systems


*** Protected from immersion in pure water with a depth of 1.5 m for 30 minutes. No protection against salt water and other liquids, in particular soap suds, alcohol and/or heated liquids. The SIM/memory card tray must be flush with the device body to ensure no water can enter the device.


**** A compatible MDM system is required to use an E-FOTA. Click here for more details.