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Samsung Galaxy S9 Enterprise Edition.


The security and flexibility to help your business achieve more.

The smartphone is packed with solutions for flexible and efficient device management. Built-in Knox Configure enables the IT department to remotely pre-configure and customise a large number of employee or customer devices, while the Enterprise Firmware Over-The-Air Service means firmware and security updates can be scheduled, immediately enforced or withheld via a compatible Mobile Device Management system, enabling stable operation of the device fleet.



  • Innovative business phone plus comprehensive services
  • Provision of regular security updates for the latest software versions
  • Samsung Knox brings multi-layered security to protect your data
  • Software licences for device configuration and firmware update* control included


The phone. Reimagined.


Timeless elegance and the near bezel-less edge-to-edge display are the Galaxy S9's most striking features. It fits comfortably in your hand while the fingerprint sensor is ergonomically placed below the camera module. The 18.5:9 ratio Infinity Display with WQHD+ resolution (2960 x 1440) and Super AMOLED technology enables high contrast, high-resolution viewing. The screen fits almost seamlessly into the housing for minimal visual distractions.






Brilliant in the dark.


As soon as darkness falls, the 12 MP camera really comes into its own. The F1.5 aperture is currently one of the brightest to feature on Samsung smartphones and enables detailed shots with vibrant, vivid colours even under demanding light conditions. Thanks to the Super Speed Dual Pixel sensor, your images are processed quickly and with low noise. What's more, the aperture adapts automatically to the light conditions, meaning the camera will employ full F1.5 mode in low light, and F2.4 mode in bright light. Images can be captured quickly and easily in any environment, from products on warehouse shelves to documents in the field.



Expansive data security.


Even the smallest vulnerability in the framework can lead to attackers gaining complete control over a device. With Samsung Knox 3.1 you can back up your data according to the highest security standards. Protection starts at hardware level and extends to the operating system, ensuring the integrity of the Galaxy S9 is constantly monitored to detect unauthorised access and take appropriate action.







Biometric authentication.


Accessing the phone is as easy as it is convenient. Intelligent Scan is a technology that combines face recognition and iris scanning to make unlocking the Galaxy S9 simple even in low light. There's a wide range of options to unlock the phone including with a PIN, pattern, password or fingerprint.










DeX Pad.


The Samsung DeX Pad is a docking station that allows you to connect your Samsung S9 to your TV or monitor, letting you use your phone like a desktop without the need for configuration. It's perfect for writing emails, editing documents and PC-style multitasking with apps opening in their own windows so that they can be used simultaneously. And thanks to the Samsung DeX user interface, all this can be done with the click of a mouse or the touch of a button. What's more, the phone can be used as a touch screen should you not have a mouse or keyboard to hand. But the best part? You can still access calls, SMS and settings on the Galaxy S9 while working on the DeX Pad.

Wireless Charger Stand.


Charge up your Galaxy S9 in a flash. The functional charging station lets you place your phone in both landscape and portrait formats, meaning you can continue watching videos or check your messages even while it charges.

External 5100mAh Battery Pack.


This battery pack charges itself as quickly as it charges the Galaxy S9, giving you an extra dose of energy in no time at all.

* A compatible MDM system is required to use an E-FOTA.