Samsung Galaxy XCover 4.

Fit for life on the move.

Rugged and refined design.

The Samsung Galaxy XCover 4 is slim enough to be used with one hand and durable enough to withstand tough conditions on the go—perfect for working on the road.


Specially designed for harsh environments with MIL-STD 810G* (fall protection) and IP68 certification, the Galaxy XCover 4 boasts military standard durability and can withstand even the toughest conditions. Whether you work on the road or repair faults on a construction site, its ease of use means that you can concentrate on problem solving.


Enhanced touch sensitivity and direct access.

If you’re working in an environment which requires you to wear gloves, the Galaxy XCover 4 enables you to carry on working and save time. The high touch sensitivity allows field technicians, factory employees and construction workers to run their projects smoothly while keeping their hands in their protective gloves. What’s more, the XCover keys enable access to a host of functions, allowing for convenient operation when things have to be done quickly. Assign your most used applications—including the LED light and camera—to the XCover key for quick start-up and easy access.


Replaceable battery.

The Galaxy XCover 4 is equipped with a replaceable 2,800 mAh battery* to handle tasks that require long operation so you can concentrate on longer projects and business trips even when there is no power supply nearby.


NFC connective.

The XCover 4’s integrated NFC functionality supports contactless data exchange between two compatible devices. The international transmission standard is used for uncomplicated payment transactions while in addition, information from smart tags can be read and downloaded to your smartphone. Using NFC to record hours of work or as an electronic key are also among the many possible application scenarios.



Samsung Knox – Integrated mobile security.

Protect company information with real-time kernel protection and secure yourself against damaging spyware and malware. Samsung Knox is a mobile security platform that has been developed to protect against data theft and manipulation.

*Protection against immersion in pure water with a depth of 1.5 m for 30 minutes according to IP68 standards. Additional protection against dirt, dust and sand. Wash off any residue and immediately dry off the device. *The MIL-STD 810G certification is a standardised form of US military testing that exposes the device to various environmental impacts and conditions to identify the limits of the device: