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Optimise workflows with
Adobe Acrobat Pro.

With Adobe Acrobat Pro, the complete solution for PDF documents and electronic signatures, you can carry out deals much faster. Acrobat Pro offers reliable tools for collaboration and productivity and can be linked to Microsoft, Google and other leading brands business programs’. No matter if your teams are on-site, working remotely or enjoying hybrid work, Acrobat Pro enables 100% digital document workflows. Employees have access to an comprehensive PDF and E-signature toolset fwherever they are – and on their desktop, smartphone, tablet or web browser.

More productive teamwork.

Open, edit and sign PDF files any time and anywhere using macOS, Windows, iOS or Android.

Work together simultaneously.

Employees have all the tools at hand to send PDFs online or in Teams and work on them in real-time.

Higher efficiency with Microsoft programs.

Enables your teams to create and send high quality, password-protected PDF files for digital signiture directly in Microsoft 365. Converts PDF documents into editable Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoints or RTF data.

More intelligent document workflows.

Employees can open, edit and save PDF files in Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive, Box or Dropbox on their desktop, smartphone or tablet.

Integration of digital signatures.

Transforms your document processes. Creates and collects any amount of digital signatures. Tracks permissions in real-time. Requests legally valid digital signatures for a document from several people simultaneously. Creates web forms for collecting signatures online.

High security standards.

Security technologies designed for companies such as sandboxing, prevention of data leaks as well as code cleanup protect your system from attacks via PDF files.

Protection of trusted data in documents.

Establishes extended checks that decide who can access a PDF document. Password protection and sensitive information censoring options eliminate unauthorised viewing of information.

Easier licence management.

With the web-based admin console, your IT team can easily be assigned licences, remove them, track them and even buy news ones if necessary.

Easy ordering and management.

Various licences for Adobe subscriptions can be bundled in a VIP contract and managed from a central location.

Adobe Acrobat and Acrobat Sign Solutions – Product comparison.


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