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Choose APC physical infrastructure and management solutions for edge computing environments.

APC solutions for edge computing environments.

Edge Computing solutions by APC help you design and deploy distributed IT infrastructure in a quick, easy and repeatable way. Our solutions range from pre-integrated physical infrastructure for micro data centers (orderable as SKUs), to configure-to-order solutions scalable at rack level, to highly customized solutions that give you the flexibility to meet your unique requirements.


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Micro Data Center Solutions.

Protect and manage big data in small spaces with single-unit solutions containing a complete infrastructure inside a secure framework that safeguards critical business applications. Micro Data Center solutions include:


Micro Data Center SX – Ideal for data center or edge deployments.


Micro Data Center FX – Ruggedized for performance in any environment.



Features and Benefits of Micro Data Centers.

Micro Data Center from APC by Schneider Electric makes it fast, easy and cost effective to design, procure and deploy the physical layer of IT systems to Data Centers or the Edge, anywhere in the world:


Certified – IT vendor validated architectures and solutions.


Fast – Pre-Installation of the physical layer makes it easy for customers, partners and integrators to quickly install IT equipment and deliver to final destination.


Compatible – Designed for the latest converged and hyperconverged IT systems.


Secure  Physically secure to prevent unauthorized access.


Manageable – Remote management of connected assets for maximum uptime and availability.

Cloud-based vendor-neutral monitoring with EcoStruxure IT Expert.


IT Expert monitors and protects your critical equipment, providing 24/7 visibility through live data, smart alarming, and data-driven insights on the health of your connected assets directly to your smartphone.

EcoStruxure IT Expert synthesizes performance and alarming data into proactive recommendations, and enables secure, wherever-you-go visibility and control.



Features and Benefits of EcoStruxure IT.

Scalable, Secure Monitoring.

Cloud-based monitoring solution leveraging multiple polling agents and automatic backup restore functionality to simplify and strengthen monitoring of the entire environment.


Smarter Analytics.

Real time monitoring with machine learning for accurate, pro-active analysis of devices and how they interact.


Prevent Downtime. 

Pro-actively replace components and devices before they cause failures or lead to unplanned downtime.

Maintain Specs.

Maintain current up to date firmware versions and security configurations by using a single system to monitoring and push changes to all devices.


Benchmark Health.

Continue to monitor and benchmark the health of your environment against that of you peers. Are you getting better or worse?