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APC offers solutions that combine reliability, durability and security. One rack that can be installed in all Edge environments? Find out more.

What is Edge computing?

Edge computing is an IT deployment designed to put applications and data as close as possible to the users or “things” that need them.

Why is Edge computing necessary?

Edge computing is necessary to address shortcomings in cloud-based applications and services with respect to performance and regulatory requirements. In short, cloud computing can’t always meet the required demands in terms of response time that critical applications require. Companies that face government regulations regarding where data is stored may also find cloud computing can’t deliver the sort of local storage they need.


It’s an issue because the trend toward digitalisation to improve efficiency and business performance is fuelling demand for applications that require peak performance, particularly Internet of Things (IoT) applications. IoT applications often require lots of bandwidth, low latency, and reliable performance while meeting regulatory and compliance mandates, making them classic candidates for edge computing.


Achieve security and simplicity.

Physically secure.

Protect critical IT assets from malicious accidents or environmental incidents that cause downtime. Get device level cyber security with ultra-secure enclosure options and remote monitoring & control.

Easy to deploy.

Reduce headaches with faster edge roll-outs and validated reference designs. Leverage innovative, best-in-class design tools to help simplify your configuration & deployment. And gain peace of mind by working with our leading IT technology partners & alliances.


Remote management.

Decrease expensive service calls and the need for on-site IT staff. Choose EcoStruxure IT, our cloud-based platform that provides 24/7 secure and remote visibility of all of your micro data centres.




Replace an IT room with a Micro Data Centre.

APC bridges the gap  between the traditionally separate worlds of OT & IT with Micro Data Centre solutions that meet challenges at the edge and deliver a unified IoT architecture.


Choose from a wide range of enclosures for traditional IT spaces, harsh or industrial areas, and office or commercial spaces.


Solution for any environment.

We’ve put together a selection of products.



The APC S Series.

Micro data centre for IT environments.

The APC C Series.

Micro data centre for office and commercial environments.

The APC R Series.

Micro data centre for harsh environments.

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