AudioCodes – Voice DNA for the digital workplace.


AudioCodes offers advanced communications software, products and productivity solutions for the digital workplace and enables companies to get the best out of their Unified Communications solutions. 



Microsoft UC.

AudioCodes Live for Microsoft Teams is a portfolio of managed services that removes complexity from the integration of Teams collaboration, unified communications and enterprise telephony It provides a seamless, rapid and cost-effective migration to Teams for high quality voice and video collaboration. This fully managed service is complemented by Devices as a Service, monitoring and management tools, and service enhancing applications.


IP phone and conferencing systems.

AudioCodes IP phones offer Microsoft users enhanced voice quality. The broad spectrum of IP phones with key business features, HD voice quality (including SILK and OPUS codec support), reliability and certified operability make then the perfect option for all applications of Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business.

AudioCodes conferencing systems transform any area into a meeting room. Thanks to an intuitive user interface and high-resolution audio channel, setting up the solution for a Microsoft Teams or Skype for Business meeting, joining conversations and managing participants is a child’s play.

AudioCodes IP phone and conferencing systems can be centrally managed with the use of One Voice Operations Center Device Manager.


Meetings and recordings.

AudioCodes SmartTAP 360⁰ Live is an intelligent, fully-secured enterprise compliance-recording solution, allowing companies to capture and index any customer or organisational interactions across both external and internal communication channels. Companies using Microsoft Teams can seamlessly apply SmartTAP 360° Live to record all voice, video and IMs interactions for later-stage AI analysis and for meeting regulatory compliance demands.


Contact Centre.

AudioCodes offers a wide range of innovative voice solutions that allow any type of contact centre to effortlessly unlock the potential of digital transformation and quickly become a modern contact centre, all with minimal investment. Already powering hundreds of contact centres around the globe, these integrated solutions support all deployment types, whether on-premises or in the cloud, to easily connect to customers—no matter where they are—on any voice channel, including click-to-call from web and mobile applications.


AudioCodes One Voice for Zoom is a unified offering of voice connectivity and productivity solutions that deliver simplicity and enhanced functionality for Zoom Phone deployments. The offering includes:

  • AudioCodes SBCs that enable connectivity with bring-your-own-carrier (BYOC) services and coexistence with legacy PBXs
  • AudioCodes desk and conferencing devices that deliver an intuitive meeting experience supporting both traditional voice conferencing and video-enabled collaboration.
  • Network and services management solutions that empower IT professionals with the tools needed to operate their services efficiently
  • Call recording and analytics solutions that enhance business processes and productivity

AudioCodes enables the delivery of comprehensive Zoom Phone solutions easily and effectively with per-user-per-month pricing, by leveraging AudioCodes’ global partner network and professional services.

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Leveraging the principles of Software-Defined Networking (SDN), AudioCodes Software-Defined Voice Network (SDvN) is an open solution designed to help large enterprises undergoing the digital transformation process to simplify the operations of their voice networks and increase call routing efficiency. It achieves this through consolidation of communications silos, connectivity with SIP trunk services and utilisation of the corporate IP network to optimise call routing.

Through a combination of AudioCodes' session border controllers (SBCs), global end-to-end call routing and policy management, user management, and voice network management tools, SDvN enables the creation of a universal network that connects on-premises and cloud-based communications solutions without having to replace existing platforms. Central user life cycle management enables corporate IT teams to define users’ access to cloud-based communications services based on operational needs. The end result is a future-proof voice infrastructure that is easy to manage, maintains corporate security, and delivers significant capital and operational cost savings.

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