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Axis Communications, a Swedish company, provides security and monitoring solutions for an intelligent, secure world. From network video and audio to analysis features and access control. As a pioneer—and boasting the most patents—in the network video industry, Axis has been developing new network products based on an open platform since 1984, offering its customers added value via a global partner network and its worldwide presence.

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Bechtle IT Forum NRW 2020 on 13 May 2020.
Axis solutions approach.

Axis End-to-End.

Security and surveillance solutions.


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Axis Technologies.

Axis Technology – leader through innovation.


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Axis healthcare.

Axis healthcare solutions.


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Axis End-to-End.

Security and surveillance solutions.

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Axis corporate principles at a glance.

Partnership. Axis works together with partners from 179 countries and develops leading solutions for its customers all over the world. Its indirect sales model means the manufacturer works exclusively with specialists from sales to installation to offer the end customer the best-possible service. The Axis Partner Network on its website lets you find the right dealer, systems integrator, or installer, whatever your need.

Cyber-security: Effective cyber-security requires measures based on evaluation of risks and consequences, all revolving around products, people, technology, and processes. And working with a provider that gives you full support on all levels. Axis has strict requirements of its own products, working closely with partners to combat the threat of cyber-security.

Quality: Quality emanates from everything Axis offers—you can depend on its products 100% thanks to Axis’ meticulous quality control. Its products should deliver exactly what you need them to do—they are sturdy and robust, just as you would expect. Capture images that completely meet your needs as well as enjoying durable devices—against a backdrop of partners and services that consistently provide the best quality.

Sustainability. Sustainability is a key element of Axis’ long-term strategy. Axis has developed several energy-efficient technologies including award-wining Lightfinder technology. It has also reduced the amount of packing materials used and optimised its logistics processes. Axis began publishing an annual sustainability report in 2010, and has been participating in the G4 Global Sustainability Reporting Initiative (GRI) since 2014.


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