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3 tips for working ergonomically with BakkerElkhuizen.


Mobile working is defined as not working in a traditional office at a fixed desk. The means that a mobile workplace could be at the kitchen table, but also on a train, at university, in a hotel and even in a meeting or conference room. But how can we make our mobile workplaces truly ergonomic when they are constantly changing? BakkerElkhuizen has put together the following tips on how to configure your mobile workplace ergonomically while still maintaining flexibility.


Tip 1.
The Ergo-Q 260 notebook stand

A notebook stand positions your device at the right height and distance for you.


  • Height adjustable to 5 positions (9-21 cm)
  • With integrated document holder
  • Ultra-lightweight, folding and portable
  • Reduces neck strain



BakkerElkhuizen_BNEQ260 combi
Tip 2.
The PRF Vertical Mouse Wireless.

Ensures correct arm and wrist positions.


  • Wireless with a USB receiver that can be stored within the mouse
  • Short adjustment period
  • Cursor speed can be quickly and easily adjusted


Tip 3.
The compact UltraBoard 950 Wireless keyboard.

Looking for your mouse? Input devices need to be compact and close to the body.


  • Slimline and compact for a better working posture.
  • Light touch keys
  • Light key colour for enhanced productivity
  • 4 shortcuts



Did you know...? BakkerElkhuizen’s bestsellers made of acrylic are now available in sustainable PET felt. Our Circular Line products are made from recycled plastic bottles and are themselves 100% recyclable.
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