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BenQ conference room solutions for interactive meetings.

Solutions that let you have unique and highly interactive meeting experiences. Combine individual products to significantly boost efficiency, quality, and performance in your company.




For virtually unlimited interaction. 

Bundle 1: RM6501K + InstaShow™  WDC20.

The combination of the BenQ Interactive Flat Panel (IFP) RM6501K and the new InstaShow™  WDC20 opens many doors for interactive meetings. Using the RM series’ annotation tool, you can easily jot down your ideas on the screen. And the InstaShow™ WDC20’s touch back feature lets you switch slides without having to continuously switch back and forth between the display and your lnotebook, letting your audience focus on your presentation. The InstaShow™ WDC20 allows 32 users to connect and present in turn via plug-and-play from their own devices—PCs, Macs and mobile devices—without the usual tech-related delays . Activate split-screen with a single button and share everyone’s ideas at the same time. The WDC20 allows up to 4 users to present simultaneously on its interactive flat panel. And InstaShow™ WDC20 is AES 128 bit encrypted and even more secure with WPA2 authentication protocol.


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Easy – Even for longer meetings. 

Bundle 2: ST650K + InstaShow™ WDC10 oder WDC10C.

The combination of ST650K and the wireless presentation system InstaShow™ WDC10 or WDC10C makes your meetings a piece of cake. If you hold a lot of meetings, the ST series with its impressive total operating time of up to 18 hours a day is the ideal solution—especially if you don’t need a whiteboard feature. The preinstalled operating system offers virtually unlimited opportunities with many ready-integrated apps. And according to your personal needs, you can also install additional apps. The ST650K is also the solution for presenting 4K content—like videos and images. InstaShow™ WDC10 and WDC10C let you easily switch between video and presenting mode at the push of a button without any losses in quality. InstaShow™ WDC10 and WDC10C also feature AES 128 bit encryption and the WPA2 authentication protocol, ensuring your sensitive data stay safe.


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* Wi-Fi- and password information for accessing InstaShow™ will still be shown on the display.