Checkpoint CloudGuard

Check Point CloudGuard.

Innovative security concepts for companies in the cloud.


More and more companies are dynamically offloading critical processes to the cloud and saving sensitive data there. But the associated security concepts aren’t always at the same high level. Traditional approaches offer little resistance to highly-complex cyber-attacks, meaning that the need for modern and dynamic security solutions is growing, Check Point© CloudGuard, powered by the Infinity Architecture, takes a completely new approach and secures data, apps, systems and workloads directly in the cloud. The comprehensive product package is compatible with a large number of popular cloud services. With one click, the comprehensive suite makes your cloud applications immune to the latest-generation threat-scenarios.




The latest type of prevention security.

With artificial intelligence (AI) and the Check Point Infinity architecture, CloudGuard uses cutting-edge technology to make sure even advanced cyber-attacks come to nothing.



Wide support in the cloud.

CloudGuard works seamlessly together with leading cloud applications and infrastructure solutions. This means you can decide on the cloud provider of your choice – without having to sacrifice security. 



Flexible and modern security concepts.

One-click implementation and dynamic guidelines updates via content sharing mean you’re always at the cutting edge. And CloudGuard can even handle agile technologies such as auto-provisioning and auto-scaling with ease.


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Logo Checkpoint CloudGuard SaaS
CloudGuard SaaS.


As the only provider on the market, Check Point also supports you in using Software as a Service (SaaS). Modern and flexible SaaS services are enjoying growing popularity in many companies. CloudGuard keeps watch day and night to ensure your company accounts there are secure from unauthorised access. As oppose to other solutions, you don’t just have a handle on your application guidelines, but are also protected from sophisticated malware and zero-day attacks. With just one click, your SaaS account is protected against these new types of attack.






Logo Checkpoint Cloudguard IaaS
CloudGuard IaaS.


New Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) or Software-defined Networking (SDN) services make processes in the cloud more efficient and agile—but also pose new challenges for many companies. Cunning caber criminals employ latest-generation attack vectors and target these vulnerabilities. Check Point CloudGuard IaaS is therefore flexibly scalable and offers you full transparency and comprehensive monitoring options for your local and cloud-based IT infrastructure.





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