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CHERRY GENTIX Silent and CHERRY STREAM 3.0 – Perfect for quiet work environments.


The ultra-quiet CHERRY GENITX Silent mouse with special no-click buttons, perfect ergonomics and a precise sensor, together with the CHERRY STREAM 3.0 keyboard is the perfect combination for quiet work environments. The CHERRY STREAM 3.0 is precision-built for continuous office use with abrasion-proof, laser-etched key caps, whisper-quiet keys, splash protection and an ultra-flat, ergonomic design.


Stylish no-click design for quiet work environments.

With its innovative shape, the CHERRY GENTIX Silent Mouse is a comfortable fit for large and small hands alike. The taper of the mouse enables perfect ergonomics for both left and right-handed users, while rubber sides and a comfortable surface finish ensure a firm grip. Specially-designed no-click buttons prevent annoying distractions to help you and your colleagues stay focused in open office environments. The 1000 dpi high-resolution sensor and quality button wheel will please even demanding users. And the extra-long cable means it's easy to connect the mouse e.g. to a PC under your desk.



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Robust elegance with laser-etched keys.

If you’re looking for the perfect keyboard that takes the stress of continuous office use, the CHERRY STREAM 3.0 is for you. This wired keyboard means serious business and has the looks to go with it. Laser-etched keys means abrasion has nothing on them. Accidental spills are nothing to worry about, while whisper-quiet keys and an ergonomic design take the stress and strain out of typing.






Special features at a glance:

  • Abrasion-proof, laser-etched key caps
  • Designed for continuous use—takes over 20 million key strokes per key
  • Spill-resistant
  • Ultra-flat, ergonomic design
  • Ultra-silent Whisper quiet keys
  • Blue Angel-certified, GS mark