Come together!


When companies hold unproductive meetings, unnecessary labour costs soon mount up. Some employees would be able to take part virtually, except that the video conferencing technology is unreliable. A lot of things would be easier if they were digitalised, but the meeting room isn’t equipped. An employee spontaneously decides to join in, but their operating system isn’t compatible.


Make these problems a thing of the past with the following products. Let us introduce you to modern conferencing solutions in which the technology takes a back seat enabling people and their ideas to take the spotlight once again. Exchange ideas within your team, make concepts accessible and save time and your nerves! Concentrate on what’s important and let the technology work for you! Not only will meetings be fun, but your company will also save money.

Surface Pro 6 for Business & Surface Pen.

Taking notes feels natural.


Know what we mean? Handwritten notes have a different effect than typed text. New research shows that hand-written information is much easier to remember. People who write, draw, scratch out, scribble and note down activate other areas of the brain. With Surface Pen and Surface Pro 6 you have the best of both worlds. Use the keyboard or pen just as you like! And if you want to quickly explain something to a colleague, all you have to do is jot it down!


Surface Pen is the perfect companion for your Surface Pro. Draw or write just as you would on paper! With the precision nib and rubber eraser, taking notes feels natural. The 4,096 pressure points react to the slightest touch. Or use the keyboard if you want to enter important information as accurately as possible! Everything is saved in the cloud so that you always have an overview of your notes.



Samsung Flip.

Analogue was yesterday.


The Samsung Flip is here to revolutionise your meeting rooms. At first, the digital flip chart feels like any other. You write or sketch in a large format so that all participants can follow your thoughts in real-time.


But this is where the similarities end. With the Samsung Flip you can use the pen nib for accurate writing and the thick back for colourful highlights. Pen colour can be changed with the touch of a finger. Erase using a finger or palm. Scroll through your notes with your hand. All of this is possible with up to 4 users at the same time.


A particular highlight is the seamless integration of digital content from other channels into your presentation. Display the screen of your mobile device, enlarge a screenshot and write comments! And best of all: send your flip chart to all participants at the end of the meeting. Digital documentation has never been so easy.



Dell C5518QT 4K Interactive Touch Monitor.

Everything you need to keep your audience captivated.


Sometimes all you need to do is impress your listeners. The important sales pitch, presentation to the management or a new product presentation are much better on a large format 4K touch monitor. The Dell C5518QT 4K Interactive Touch Monitor delivers brilliant colours as well as crisp text to attract attention. Whether its presentations or video conferences, thanks to the wide viewing angle, the Dell C5518QT 4K is a definite eye-catcher.

With its open platform technology, the highly adaptable monitor adjusts to your requirements—not vice versa. Thanks to our trusted partners' hardware and software solutions, you can tailor a display solution to your team members' meeting requirements. The wide range of ports enable simple connection to most IT devices. With the Dell C5518QT 4K, you invest in a future-proof and innovative solution with a long life.



Lenovo ThinkSmart Hub 500.

A smarter way to collaborate.


Video conferences are now an integral part of the business day. But you don't always need a large, complex conference system, but a manageable, reliable all-in-one solution. The Lenovo ThinkSmart Hub 500 is a control hub in which audio, video and computer are completely integrated, with Microsoft Skype for Business as an intuitive user interface.

Simply place the hub on the desk. Its anti-reflective and smudge-free touch display can be easily rotated 360 degrees making it perfect for teamwork. The video feed of the participants or the presentation itself can easily be transmitted to everyone taking part. 
The ThinkSmart Hub is particularly ideal for small and medium-size conference rooms. Admins love the easy installation and the users the intuitive controls. For video conferences that work. Just Skype!



ARTICONA audio and video technology.

Well-equipped for every situation.


With our brand, ARTICONA, we offer audio and video technologies for conference rooms at an excellent value for money. Whether presenting on different displays or from several sources, whether in your own meeting room or at your customer’s site, ARTICONA has the right solution for your needs..


Our compact adapter with different ports means you are always prepared while on the road. Use our cost-efficient HDMI splitter to share your presentation on several screens simultaneously. And thanks to our A/V extender for HDMI, you can extend your range. Whatever may be missing in your conference room, take a look at the ARTICONA range without blowing your budget!