Trust is good, control is better – this is how to protect your cloud data. 

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The cloud has arrived in German enterprises. 92% of companies in the country are already using cloud services, plan to introduce them in the next 12 months, or are awaiting internal approval for them, according to the “Cloud Security 2019” study conducted by IDG Research Services. Only 8% of the companies surveyed down-voted any form of storing data in the cloud.


When moving to the cloud, the companies asked said they chose the model carefully. The price was not the only key criteria, and security was priority number one for almost all asked. A close second was data encryption, and then cloud service provider reliability.

But how safe are files in the cloud?

Twelve percent of companies don’t know if they have ever fallen victim to an attack. Around half of the companies had already detected attacks. Many companies see a solution in established concepts: encryption, firewalls, and local backups. But these IT security classics only partially address advanced forms of cyber crime.


There are now ingenious methods of protecting the cloud against all types of attacks, as Sophos, Mimecast, and tenfold demonstrate. Get Sophos Cloud Services like Microsoft Azure or protect your services like O365 e-mail with Mimecast. The most important thing is that only authorised users have access to data, making managing permissions ten times easier.


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Sophos – Next Generation cyber security.

The company Oxford has been developing IT security products for over 30 years. As a leading next generation cyber security solutions provider, Sophos protects almost 400,000 in over 150 countries.


Behind Sophos software solutions is SophosLabs and a global team conducting threat and data analyses. In 2019, Sophos acquired Avid Secure—the San Francisco based company specialising in public clouds with artificial intelligence (AI).

In an international comparison study entitled “Exposed: Cyberattacks on cloud honeypots”, Sophos demonstrated how real the attack potential for public clouds is. A fake server set up in Frankfurt for experimentation had to fend off 440,000 attacks in the space of a 30 day period, more than in London or Singapore. 


Cloud Optix – Cloud security made easy.

With the new security solutions for public clouds, Sophos uses AI to automatically detect and close security vulnerabilities. The solution can be used independently of any other security products and offers:


  • Comprehensive monitoring of public clouds like Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure or the Google Cloud Platform (GCP).
  • Consistent cloud compliance monitoring, to ensure your cloud environment keeps conforming to legislation despite changing framework conditions.
  • Monitoring with artificial intelligence and working with automated solutions reduces your response time from days or weeks to just minutes.



tenfold – The user management revolution.

tenfold Software GmbH is a company from Vienna with an interesting business model. Its innovative software solutions make generally tedious management of IT users and their permissions child’s play. It’s never been so easy to centrally control all important IT user lifecycle processes while knowing exactly which permissions every user has throughout the enterprise.


The age of the cloud hasn’t necessarily made managing users and permissions easier. The software brings transparency to this time-consuming process, thereby enhancing your security in your systems and beyond—globally, universally, and automatically.
The role-based and customisable permissions assignment makes sure that no users have rights that they do not need for business purposes.


More than 500 renowned companies rely on tenfold, including Admiral, Haberkorn, BNP Paribas, sappi, Lindner and Olymp. tenfold uses plugins to support more than 60 systems out of the box, including Office 365, SAP, Exchange, SharePoint and many more. With tenfold, you can be sure that your employees always have the right permissions and can work productively right from the start.


tenfold – the permissions management software.


  • Enhance your IT security.
  • Create user accounts, visualise permissions and integrate data owners.
  • Boost efficiency with automation.
  • Workflows, profiles and self-service provide a higher degree of automation—saving you time and money.
  • Comply with legal requirements.
  • Complete documentation lets you recognise which users have access to which system, when—ensuring you stay compliant with the GDPR.



Mimecast – Secure e-mails for enterprise.

The cyber security provider was founded in London in 2003 and has 12 branches with more than 1,200 employees. Mimecast specialises in secure e-mail communication and helps over 34,000 customers worldwide to make they e-mail traffic safe, restore trust, and strengthen their cyber-resilience.


With its comprehensive security suite, Mimecast fights back against existing and new e-mail attacks, boosting your company’s productivity behind the scenes. The web security solution also warns your employees of dangerous websites and raises their awareness of security risks. The Threat Intel Dashboard offers you a comprehensive overview of all attacks at any time.


The e-mail security solution facilitates automated e-mail encryption and secure instant messaging. The cloud approach means the solution can be used on any platform and you don't have to manage e-mail security software and hardware on site.


Mimecast Cloud Suite – Strengthen your cyber resilience.

Mimecast boosts productivity and protects you against new types of e-mail attack with the latest security technology. The advanced Cloud Suite includes software solutions for:


  • Cloud-based e-mail security solutions for protection against spear phishing, ransomware, spam and viruses, social engineering, and identity theft.
  • The Web Security solution protects your employees from malicious websites and file downloads — even if they’re outside of your company’s network.
  • The e-mail archiving solution safeguards your intellectual property and improves compliance and e-discovery.
  • Mailbox Continuity reduces the risk of disturbances when migrating to cloud-based e-mail systems like Office 365.
  • Awareness training minimises the risk of human error. Employees’ awareness is raised in a humorous way while protecting them from the dangers of cybercrime.