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The new Wyse 5070: Dell’s most versatile thin client ever.

Remarkable versatility in a single platform.

Today’s thin clients are unrecognizable from those of five years ago. They’re more powerful, have higher bandwidth, and use improved protocols, so they can take on any task that the modern workplace requires. Don’t let this new generation pass you by.
Released in May, the Wyse 5070 is one of the most versatile thin clients Dell has ever made. It offers one device that’s configurable for all users across the enterprise to simplify management. Plus, with true 4K graphics on multiple monitors, DDR4 RAM, and the latest Intel quad-core CPU, it brings a level of performance unseen in thin clients at this price range.


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What makes the 5070 unique? 

Remarkable versatility in a single platform.

Introducing Dell’s Wyse 5070 – the most versatile, scalable and capable thin client ever positioned for the mid-range – setting the new standard for price/performance. The performance scalability of the 5070 extends the reach of thin clients deeper into organizations where thin clients might not have been previously considered.


With the latest quad-core thin client CPU, faster DDR4 RAM and True 4K graphics, the 5070 delivers performance that can’t be beaten at a comparable price. And with over 1,600 commercial and 750 TAA configurations, nothing offers the same versatility for every use case.


Wyse 5070 thin clients with Windows 10 IoT Enterprise.

Most versatile, scalable, and capable thin client.

Experience the performance, reliability and flexibility of Windows® IoT Enterprise. Windows 10 IoT Enterprise is a skinny OS version and leverage the same peripheral drivers, run Windows applications locally and enable unified communications.

Wyse thin clients running Windows 10 IoT Enterprise allow to access Windows applications locally on the device or via virtual desktop connections. These endpoints support a broad-range of peripherals like native USB 3.0/2.0 drivers, and are compatible with all of the major virtualization software brokers including Citrix XenDesktop & XenApp, Microsoft RDS and VMware Horizon.


Keep apps and data-sensitive content safe with a secure data center and embedded protection. Windows Windows 10 IoT Enterprise’s superior security features means enhanced protection against modern security threats and less time managing and remediation of devices. Dell Threat Defense offers optional advanced threat protection thanks to proactive malware security on both virtual desktops and the endpoints.

Manage your endpoints centrally with Wyse Management Suite. Scale as you grow – from just a handful to tens of thousands of thin clients. Alternatively, use your existing Microsoft SCCM software.

Meet the Wyse 5070 thin clients.

Most versatile, scalable, and capable thin client.

One platform. Every need. Dell has dramatically simplified standardization on a single thin client platform

across the enterprise, helping extend the security, cost and manageability benefits of thin clients deeper into

your organization.


The Wyse 5070 can be configured as an economic task worker station and, within the same platform

definition, be fashioned for a power user utilizing 3D design applications on multiple 4K monitors. It’s

designed and validated for VMware, Citrix, and Microsoft VDI environments, and features Windows 10 IoT

Enterprise with the optional Dell Threat Defense, an advanced threat prevention solution for ultimate

proactive malware protection.