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– Perfect touchscreen solutions for every use.

As the inventor of the touchscreen, Elo has already installed some 25 million systems around the world. On average, a new Elo touchscreen is installed every 21 seconds somewhere on the planet enabling greater interactivity in retail, gastronomy, healthcare, industry and business.
Elo’s broad portfolio is based on a homogeneous architecture allowing customers to easily choose, configure, connect and control to create a truly unique experience.

Choose between all-in-one systems, signage displays, open frame monitors and touch screen monitors from 7 to 65". You also have the possibility to add Elo Edge Connect peripherals to configure application-specific solutions. Use the secure, cloud-based platform, EloView®, to connect up and control devices running Android.
You’ll find Elo touch solutions in gaming machines, interactive kiosk systems, in healthcare, as PoS systems, displays giving directions, in retail and in transportation, to name just a handful of examples.




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Elo touchscreen monitors.

Available in a large range of sizes, Elo touch screen monitors offer modular solutions for nearly every use in retail, hospitality and healthcare.

  • Desktop touchscreen monitors from 17.8 cm (7") to 68.6 cm (27")
  • Standard and widescreen aspect ratio
  • Black or white housing
  • 3-year standard warranty (can be extended to 5 years)
  • Long product lifecycle
  • Medical models with DICOM-14 functionality and IEC-60601 conformity

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Elo open frame touchscreens.

Elo’s industrial Kiosk monitors are affordable displays for OEMs and kiosk integrators looking for reliable products for their designs.

  • Available in various sizes from 25.7 cm (10") to 138.7 cm (55")
  • Optimum flexibility for the integration into each desk, kiosk or cabinet design.
  • Can be mounted with optional 6 mm thick security glass.

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Large format interactive Elo digital signage displays.

Robust, commercial quality touchscreen displays for interactive signage and collaboration applications in retail, hospitality, business and healthcare.

  • Stylish touchscreen monitors from 80 cm (10") to 163.8 cm (65")
  • Seamless projected capacitive or infra-red touchscreen options
  • Computer modules transform the display into an all-in-one.
  • Edge Connect accessories expand functionality
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Elo I-Series touchscreen signage.

Versatile, small format all-in-one displays with Android or Windows
for digital signage, self-service, PoS and much more.

  • 25.7 cm (10"), 39.6 cm (15"), 54.6 cm (22") Android touchscreen signage models with and without Google Play services
  • 39.6 cm (15"), 54.6 cm (22") Windows models with choice of processor
  • Extend functionality with Edge Connect accessories – Connect a barcode scanner, magnetic card reader, fingerprint reader, status indicator or NFC reader to the micro USB ports on each of the four sides of the touchscreen.
  • Can be combined with desk or floor stands for an easy-to-place and modular self-service kiosk.



Elo PoS systems and touchscreen computer.

A simple, seamless PoS solution for every need—from Android or Windows, modular or integrated into a platform that fulfils the requirement of SME all the way up to complete business applications.

  • EloPOS Windows and Linux PoS systems in 38.1 cm (15") widescreen and 54.6 cm (21.5") formats
  • Selection of powerful 8th generation Intel processors
  • The new EloPOS pack offers a powerful computing platform for businesses in a slim, compact form factor.
  • Modular I-Series PoS solutions for Androids or Windows
  • PoS peripherals and SB accessories

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Elo mobile computer.

The Elo M50 is a mobile computer that has been specially designed to boost efficiency. No matter if for stock controls, order taking, as a mobile PoS, for queue busting or in-store operations.

  • Android mobile computer with 13.97 cm (5.5'') HD touch display
  • Ergonomic and drop-proof
  • NFC, integrated camera, barcode scanner
  • Wi-Fi or mobile network
  • IP65-rated seal, Gorilla Glass and anti-fingerprint coating
  • EloView for devices, battery and content management

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