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Join the active work movement with Ergotron.


Ergotron is a global company that designs and builds dynamic work environments that helps people work, learn and care to their full ability. Their innovative solutions enhance interfaces between people and IT and transform sitting working environments into modern active spaces that do away with limitation on movement and promote well-being for the long term.


The modern workplace provides an environment that fasters health, development and productivity in employees.  Whether you have a tablet, a notebook, or one, two, or three monitors, your devices can be easily positioned for a personalised, convenient, and productive workstation—for you and your team. Ergotron’s innovative range of ergonomic desk mounts, wall mounts, and sit-stand workstations promote a versatile workplace design that can adapt to the needs of your workforce.


Ergotron mount arms.

Ergotron mount arms for tablets, notebooks, and monitors use patented Constant Force technology for easy adjustment and create an active, healthy work environment with tilt, pivot, and pan functions. The sturdy monitor arms are configurable and can hold up to four monitors.

Design yourself a dynamic work environment and promote movement in the workplace. Alternate between sitting and standing every 30 minutes.

Health sector.

Nurses and doctors need a well-planned, effective environment in order to work their best. They perform life-changing care services for their patients and know first hand how a work environment influences health. It’s therefore crucial that they get the best equipment and work processes to be able to provide the best care. Ergotron’s customisable complete solutions support digital and mobile visits that are becoming ever more important with digitalisation.


Medical carts from Ergotron.

Ergotron’s wide range of ergonomic, adjustable medical carts and IT medical carts with and without batteries support medical staff and promote healthy working. Mobile workstations can be easily rolled to wherever they’re needed, , and those with a power supply can even be used whilst charging, simplifying patient care.

Healthcare staff spend the majority of their days in the hospital on their feet and working at a computer. With the right equipment, negative consequences on staff health can be avoided.