Let’s talk about data protection.



Backup to disk with the Silent Brick Drive. Tailored to your backup software.

Whatever your favourite software, the FAST LTA Silent Brick Drive is the ideal way to store your data. With two slots for Silent Bricks, it’s ready for all VTL or NAS configurations, supports media rotation and replication, and allows for offline offloading of data—all with total data security and maximum compatibility.

The Silent Brick.



Flash or Disk.

Silent Bricks come with speedy SSDs or economic hard drives, in capacities of 3 to 24 TB (gross) so you can easily balance performance and costs to fit your specific requirements.



Online, offline, off-site.

The Silent Brick system is slot-based, so you can expand capacity by simply adding more Silent Bricks. And Silent Bricks are moveable and offline-capable by design. This means you can completely separate sensitive data or data you don’t currently need from the system and store it without consuming power.




Each Silent Brick can be configured independently. This enables highly granular failover, file structure and interface configurations to suit different applications. Combinations of different configurations are also possible within the same systems, helping to reduce storage complexity and maintenance.


WORM protection.

The optional WORM protective sealing means your data cannot be altered or manipulated. So you have backup and audit-proof and GDPR-compliant archiving capabilities all rolled into a single system.



The Silent Brick Drive.

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The Silent Brick Drive unites all the storage components you need in a single device. Replace your NAS+ tape configuration with Silent Bricks for a SecureNAS and VTL and use your backup software media rotation, such as Veeam.



Or switch straight to a complete SecureNAS configuration and use built-in local or remote replication to create offline copies.

The service.

Bechtle and FAST LTA are at your side. FAST LTA’s reputation is built on the quality of their products—and their components are designed to run for a minimum of 10 years. What’s more, FAST LTA also offers service level agreements (SLAs) with a duration of 10 years. Integrated monitoring means your admin and, if desired, FAST LTE are kept up to date with your system status.