Fujitsu document scanners – Your ideal partner for remote working.


More and more companies are trying to close the technological gap between the office and working from home. However, one thing is often forgotten. A large proportion of business processes require paperwork, making the digitalisation of physical documents a necessity. This is where Fujitsu scanners can help close this gap, by digitalising and then sharing documents in real-time via a business process or a cloud service.


Fujitsu offers a wide variety of scanner models, ranging from portable, battery-operated scanners to larger production scanners used for archiving. Remote workers have access to three solutions that are suited for a whole raft of situations.

ScanSnap iX1500.

The ScanSnap Series’ flagship model is part of an integrated software and hardware solution that combines advanced and intuitive technology and can be used to scan and share documents to cloud accounts for improved collaboration and access. The 50-sheet Automatic Document Feeder (ADF) permits the fast and efficient scanning of paper files and the touch screen makes it easier to onboard employees or housemates. One-touch command buttons can be customised to the processes your business requires and scans can be sent directly to the cloud for access and storage.


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(Applies until 31/01/2021)

ScanSnap iX100.

A portable, battery-operated scanner capable of scanning various documents, from business cards to A4 paper (A3 possible with  carrier sheet). The document can then be saved locally or sent to an e-mail address, a cloud account or a smart device. The scanner can send the scan via WLAN to a notebook where the OCR software included in the package then converts it into an editable, searchable file that can be accessed easier later on.



The fi-800R offers compact design, easy controls and precise paper feed as well as automatic data extraction and seamless compatibility to downstream workflows, making it Fujitsu’s go-to choice for the front office and customer services in companies, banks, insurance companies and hospitals and, now especially, remote working at home. Thanks to its TWAIN and ISIS ports, the fi-800R can easily be connected to enterprise Content  and document management systems, providing an uninterrupted flow of information and communication, even when working remotely.


Fujitsu SP and fi Series scanners are a first step towards digitalisation and automated workflows and perfect for companies who have their eyes set on efficiency and abiding by legal requirements. The scanners are also the perfect choice for companies planning to implement their first structured TWAIN or ISIS scanning solution. Check out our extensive portfolio of Fujitsu scanners contact our experts for more information. 


Milena Gsell

Product Manager Fujitsu
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