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Fujitsu PRIMEFLEX for Storage Spaces Direct brings a breath of fresh air to your IT’s performance, flexibility, reliability and scalability.

Windows Server:

Power your business.


Windows Server 2016 virtualisation.


Fast and intelligent IT resource deployment from the hybrid data centre.

  • Looking to freshen up your storage infrastructure?
  • Do you have Windows Server 2016 licenses or are you looking to expand your usage?
  • Planning to re-align your cloud strategy with Microsoft?
  • Is your storage maintenance agreement expiring?


Great—then let’s talk about how your ideal, modern, hybrid data centre would look! We understand your network and hardware infrastructure and will work together with you to optimise your environment and show you just what can be achieved with Storage Spaces Direct and PRIMEFLEX. Your network infrastructure, switching capabilities, and deploying the right hardware infrastructure are all crucial to ensure low latency and high data throughput. Bechtle, Fujitsu and Microsoft are the perfect team to tackle these challenges for you!


Don’t just take our word for it—browse through our reference projects and check out our experience for yourself!

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Top-level Bechtle, Fujitsu and Microsoft experts will familiarise you with all aspects of the solution and—in a live demo—show you just how quick, easy and effective it really is.


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What exactly is Storage Spaces Direct?

Storage Spaces Direct is a software stack from Microsoft for building virtual data and storage clusters. The exciting thing about this solution is that it’s actually a free, integral part of the Windows Server 2016 DataCenter licence, meaning that you don’t have to fork out for any additional server and storage virtualisation software licences. The hyper-convergent infrastructure offers immense storage performance with access times of less than a millisecond and 150,000 input/output operations (IOPS) per server.


But the good news doesn’t end there: Fujitsu PRIMEFLEX for Storage Spaces Direct only uses local storage, minimising costs and sparing you the hassle of additional tools and training required for complex external SAN infrastructures.




But why choose Fujitsu?

  • Fujitsu is one of the few manufacturers that fulfils all Microsoft infrastructure requirement
  • Factory pre-installed Windows Server 2016 licence including Storage Spaces Direct
  • New service pack to safeguard operation
  • PRIMEFLEX for Storage Spaces Direct: a pre-configured, fully certified, standardised, tested, ready-to-run system—the ideal foundation for rapid implementation of a future-proof IT infrastructure that reduces deployment risk, cost of ownership, and cuts deployment time for hyper-converged IT environments

Sample Fujitsu PRIMEFLEX for Storage Spaces Direct packages:

Sample cluster 1

2 PRIMERGY server nodes

14 TB net capacity

25 vms


SP: 43.249,00 €*

Sample cluster 2

3 PRIMERGY server nodes

30 TB net capacity
40 vms


SP: 81.599,00 €*

Sample cluster 3

4 PRIMERGY server nodes

54 TB net capacity
50 vms


SP: 108.599,00 €*

Beispiel All Flash

2 PRIMERGY server nodes

10 TB net capacity

25 vms


SK: 70.399,00 €*

*All prices shown do not include VAT. Future-proof your data centre with Bechtle, Fujitsu and Microsoft!


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