Take it up a gear.

Switch to Windows 10 – With Fujitsu.


An investment in technology is an investment in the future of your company.
A timely change to Windows 10 Pro lets you avoid dangerous vulnerabilities and keep benefiting from current updates and patches.

Make the switch now – Your benefits.

Familiar and productive user experience.

If you are familiar with Windows 7 or 8, then you also know your way around Windows 10. The start menu is back. With live tiles. Snap is now ever more powerful so that users can be even more productive. Users get the same experience on all their devices so that there’s much less need for costly and time-consuming training.

Enterprise-grade security for SMEs.

The number of security threats is steadily increasing, but Windows 10 protects your devices and data thanks to built-in security features like Windows Hello, Microsoft Passport, and Enterprise Data Protection.

Light Touch management with scalability.

Streamline IT management of company-owned and BYO devices with Windows 10 Pro features like single sign-on, identity management, and mobile device management.

Innovative and affordable devices.

A wide range of devices with Windows 10 Pro for all requirements and every budget that opens up new opportunities for collaboration, learning, creating, and visualising.