Starting point: Bechtle Platz 1

Your goal: the workstation of the future.


The same old desk, the same old computer, the same old Office--is this what your employees see every day? It's high time SMBs went digital.

Empower employees with an agile, connected work environment, flexible working models, open team structures, and versatile end devices and communication technologies.

Modern productivity happens anywhere, any time, on any device.


Experience the future of the workplace‹in the flesh.


Touch, test and customise our fully functional model workplace together with Bechtle specialists at our headquarters in Neckarsulm.


Call us on +49 7132 981-1600 or send an e-mail to vertrieb.direct-de@bechtle.com to make an appointment now. We¹re looking forward to making the future happen with you.