Leave the limitations of traditional IT solutions behind you.

Whether it’s real-time analytics, operating a database platform or protecting apps and data: leading companies now widely prefer to consume the outcomes they want, when they want them, and pay only for what they use.


HPE Flexible Capacity brings together the scalability of a public cloud with the benefits of an on-premise IT environment that fulfils security, data protection and compliance guidelines.


Storage capacities, computing power and network resources can be flexibly adapted to your needs with this pay-per-use model—without the protracted procurement process.


Payments are made monthly and include proactive support, component leasing and on-site reserve capacity.


  • Reduce investment costs.
  • Increase available capacities in minutes, not months.
  • Use-based payment.
  • Custom support. Flexible components ensure support tailored to your business.
  • Proactive protection of your IT environment and high availability.
  • All the advantages of a data centre (local control, security, data protection & compliance)
  • No costs for over-provisioning
  • Avoid a protracted procurement process.
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