Attraktive Finanzierungsmodelle für IBM Flashsysteme

Attractive financing models for IBM FlashSystems.

How you as a business can accelerate your IT infrastructure with all-flash storage and save up to 20% in costs with smart financing.


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All you need to know about IBM FlashSystems.

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The IBM FlashSystem family – Storage solutions for every need.


In its FlashSystem (FS) family, IBM is offering a comprehensive storage platform for bare metal, container and hybrid multi-cloud environments.

The systems use flash media based on ultra-fast NVMe (Non-Volatile Memory Express) protocols and high-performance FlashCore Modules and Storage Class Memory developed by IBM.

Available models range from the entry-level FS 5015, 5035 and 5200 flash arrays and the mid-range FS 7200 to the high-end FS 9200 enterprise flash system. 

Die IBM FlashSystem-Familie

The IBM FlashSystem family.

IBM FlashSystem 5200 – High-performance storage the size of a pizza box.


The entry-level FS 5200 is the family’s shining star. This IBM FlashSystem may be small, but its features and performance pack a punch the likes of which were, up until recently, only found in fridge-sized storage systems.

It comes with NVMe flash drives, a maximum storage capacity of 32 petabytes (PB) and features that enable maximum reliability and protection against ransomware. Data are processed at a speed of 1.5 million input/output operations (IOPS) per second with a throughput of up to 21 GB/s and a latency of 70 microseconds.

And IBM has packed all these high-performance features into a 1U chassis.

Whitepaper on flash storage technology, benefits and applications, plus the IBM FlashSystem portfolio.

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Save up to 20% with our financing models.

Transform your one-off, upfront IT investments into outgoings that are necessary for operations. Our “as a Service” financing options give you more flexibility, optimised cash flow and cost savings.

In collaboration with IBM, Bechtle can offer a special fair market value (FMV) lease with both short and long-term benefits.

Benefit 1 – Save up to 20% compared to an outright purchase.

With an FMV lease, you only pay to use the device for the period of the lease. Your payments are calculated based on the device’s residual value, i.e. its estimated value at the end of the lease. That means the instalments are based on the value of the device you actually use. FMV leasing frees up your cash flow and means you make lower payments than if you took out a loan or purchased the device outright.

Benefit 2 – Enjoy greater flexibility.                                                              

Over the course of the leasing contract, you can expand the system’s capacity and even update the technology. At the end of the contract, you decide if you want to give back the system, purchase it or extend the lease. Doing so gives you the option of expanding and updating the system in the future.


Benefit 3 – Achieve a higher return on investment.

We can structure your instalments in such a way that you only pay for the solution when you can generate value from it, making your ROI look fantastic!


Attractive financing options for IBM FlashSystems.

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Six good reasons to choose IBM FlashSystems:
Optimum protection against ransomware and careless users.

Safeguarded Copy is a new protection mechanism that can be used to automatically create isolated data copies in a data safe within each FlashSystem. Point in Time (PiT) snapshots are written to a dedicated storage pool where they cannot be changed or accessed just like a WORM (Write Once Read Many) backup (logical air gap). This prevents users and ransomware from changing and deleting the data copies.


Hybrid cloud and container-ready.

IBM FlashSystems support Red Hat Openshift, the Container Storage Interface, Ansible automation and integration into a VMware stack.


Premium flash technology.

FlashCore Modules (FCM) are used in 90% of IBM FlashSystem installations. These IBM-developed flash drives combine unique performance with the shortest response times with high levels of reliability and cost efficiency.


Grows with your needs.

IBM FlashSystems can be scaled up to 32 PB with SAS expansions and 2/4 cluster configurations. The mid-range/high-end systems can even be scaled up to 92 PB.


Outstanding reliability.

IBM FlashSystems have an availability of 99.99% thanks to uninterrupted data migration and HyperSwap technology among others. This allows for an automatic failover and remote mirroring across several sites in the event one site goes down.


Unified management and high cost efficiency.

IBM FS models are managed using Spectrum Virtualize enabling you to virtualise and manage your storage as if it were one single pool. What’s more, IBM flash storage can be easily integrated into existing storage infrastructures meaning you can enjoy unified management and high cost efficiency.

IBM FlashSystems at a glance.

Flash Storage and IBM FlashSystems Technology Guide

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IBM FS 5015



IBM FS 5015 – The enterprise-grade entry-level system.


IBM FS 5035 – Entry flash array for demanding workloads.
IBM FS 5035


IBM FS 5200



IBM FS 5200 – Entry storage with high-end enterprise features.




IBM FS 7200 – Mid-range NVMe storage.

IBM FS 7200


IBM FS 9200



IBM FS 9200 – High-end all-flash array for maximum performance.

Enter the world of flash storage without blowing your budget! Revive your IT infrastructure with a premium flash array or simply swap your existing flash systems for a new, innovative and affordable solution!

No matter what drives you, Bechtle has the perfect offer!

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